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    Player: hi
    Rashid: Ah, a customer! Be greeted, Player!
    Player: customer / job
    Rashid: I am a travelling trader. I don’t buy everything, though. And not from everyone, for that matter.
    Player: trade / sell / offer
    Rashid: Of course, old friend. You can also browse only armor, legs, shields, helmets, boots, weapons, jewelry or miscellaneous stuff.
    Player: armor / legs / shields / helmets / boots / weapons / jewelry / miscellaneous
    Rashid: I currently buy these.
    Player: stuff / equipment / ware / quality
    Rashid: I only buy high quality wares from recognised traders around the world. Becoming such a trader might not be an easy mission though.
    Player: buy
    Rashid: I don’t have anything that you can buy, I only take what my customers sell to me.
    Player: port hope
    Rashid: I like the settlement itself, but I don’t set my foot into the jungle. Have you seen the size of these centipedes??
    Player: ab’dendriel
    Rashid: Elves… I don’t really trust them. All this talk about nature and flowers and treehugging… I’m sure there’s some wicked scheme behind all this.
    Player: venore
    Rashid: Although it’s the flourishing trade centre of Tibia, I don’t like going there. Too much competition for my taste.
    Player: carlin
    Rashid: I have to go to Carlin once in a while, since the queen wishes to see my exclusive wares in regular intervals.
    Player: thais
    Rashid: I feel uncomfortable and rather unsafe in Thais, so I don’t really travel there.
    Player: kazordoon
    Rashid: I don’t like being underground much. I also tend to get lost in these labyrinthine dwarven tunnels, so I rather avoid them.
    Player: darashia
    Rashid: It’s not the real thing, but almost as good. The merchants there claim ridiculous prices, which is fine for my own business.
    Player: ankrahmun
    Rashid: My beloved hometown! Ah, the sweet scent of the desert sands, the perfect shape of the pyramids… stunningly beautiful.
    Player: liberty bay
    Rashid: When you avoid the slums, it’s a really pretty city. Almost as pretty as the governor’s daughter.
    Player: svargrond
    Rashid: I wish it was a little bit warmer there, but with a good mug of barbarian mead in your tummy everything gets a lot cosier.
    Player: senja / folda / vega / greenshore / northport
    Rashid: Um… I don’t think so.
    Player : king
    Rashid: Kings, queens, emperors and kaliphs… everyone claims to be different and unique, but actually it’s the same thing everywhere.
    Player: time
    Rashid: It’s almost time to journey on.
    Player: edron
    Rashid: Ah yes, Edron! Such a lovely and quiet island! I usually make some nice business there.
    Player: fibula
    Rashid: Too few customers there, it’s not worth the trip.
    Player: cormaya
    Rashid: Cormaya? Not a good place to make business, it’s way too far and small.
    Player: name
    Rashid: I am Rashid, son of the desert.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Rashid: Farewell, Player, may the winds guide your way.




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