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    This is one of the articles that was submitted to the contest. It was written by Chelzea

    Character : Chelzea
    World : Quintera

    Rediscovering the Hidden City

    Chapter I.

    Where it all started.

    “OH MY GOD!” I proclaim early one chilly November morning while scrolling through my Instagram feed. My partner flinches, spooked by my sudden outburst. Werror looks over at me, confused. “There’s a new achievement that’s just been discovered.” I try to explain as I lift myself out of bed and slide my cold feet into the slippers by my bedside. Werror chuckles at me, and slightly shakes his head. I think to myself he must think I’m silly. Wrapped up in a fluffy robe and slippers, I walk over to my desk and boot my computer up. Before it’s done loading, I’m already typing my password into Tibia.

    Once I am logged in, without refilling, I make my way to Beregar and complete the achievement. I am very excited as I’ve recently begun hunting for achievements but something about this achievement isn’t as satisfying as other achievements have been. The quest log didn’t say (completed) beside this new entry, like the other sections of the quest do. “There has to be more to Beregar” I mention to Werror, who has now also made his way to his computer beside mine to get the new achievement. I am now in Kazordoon so I make my way out of caves and walk back to Thais, my mind whirling with questions. Once in Thais, and safely in the protection zone of my house, I turn my attention to I know if there’s anything about Beregar, I could find it there. But alas, I am not successful in finding an article that satisfied my questions about Beregar.

    “I need supplies for my journey” I think to myself. I ask my in-house NPC Tradezea for health and mana potions, and make sure I’ve got an assortment of rings and field runes in my backpack and make my way back to Beregar. After travelling through on a few different boats and down a cave with not so friendly reptiles, I find myself in Beregar. Walking past the ore wagons, NPC Harog and making a right turn to head down the stairs to the hallway towards the library. Along the hallway, I notice a lot of locked doors with dwarves behind them. I grab my backpack of keys and try a few unsuccessfully. “Maybe the library will give me a hint to these doors” I ponder. Alas, the library has no answers to my questions.

    After an unsuccessful trip to the library, I continue north through the hallways to see what other mysteries may be lurking. At the top of the hallway, you can choose to go left or right to an area that is described as the temple district on a directional sign. I turn left and find myself going through an interesting looking hallway with small glowing gems, statues of dwarves and finally a locked door to the royal quarters. A few dwarf guards are inside, I am curious what it is they may be guarding behind there. I turn around to go back to try the right side of the hallway when I notice something. A dwarf statue that looks different than the rest.

    This dwarf seems to be the only one carrying an axe, and is discoloured in comparison to the others. I note this down as this could potentially be something to investigate. I continue down the hallway and head towards the temple district. Again, I’m met with a split in the path. One goes north and one continues east. I sneak down the north stairs and find myself face to face with a massive fire elemental, although this elemental has a name, Pyromental. He doesn’t appear to be dangerous but only answers with one phrase, regardless of what you say to him. He hisses “Thissss issss the ssssacret place of the pyromanccccersssss. Leave!”. I can’t find anything here so I go back to the hallway and head east. Another massive elemental, earth this time, appears. His name is Zirkon, and he responds to all inquiries with “SHHHHHHH, QUIET HERE! THIS IS THE SACRED PLACE OF THE DWARVEN GEOMANCERS!”. I feel myself confused and start to doubt there’s anything here. “Why would these elementals be here?” I ask myself outloud.

    While I’m here, I noticed six crystal columns and they seem to be changing colours. I watch for a few minutes and am in shock when I notice a pattern. There are 6 columns, 3 on top, 3 on the bottom. The bottom left, top middle, and bottom right always match while the other three seem to vary. The bottom middle column will turn into the colour that the 3 matching were, then the top right will turn the colour that the bottom middle was, and the top left turns the colour that top right was. Then the matching 3 will turn the colour that the top left was and the rotation starts again. I record a video of this as I believe it is an important clue in my investigation! The rotation at one point will have the crystal columns match the large crystals beside them. I begin talking to Zirkon on every single rotation, but am unsuccessful. I call Werror over to my computer, “look at this!” I point to my screen with excitement. Werror is just as curious as I am about this pattern. He suggests maybe this is similar to other quests where you need more vocations. Maybe this quest requires a mage to be turned into a geomancer as this is a sacred place for geomancers. Great idea! I send a message to one of my fellow Tibians, and without hesitation, he makes the journey to Beregar to meet me. This brave mage tries to talk to Zirkon, trying all different words. He tries during rotations, with me in the room, with me out of the room, and as a geomancer. Nothing works but he agrees this is a curious area and suggests I go talk to the Emperor.

    After I thank the Tibian for their time and suggestion, I make my way back down the long hall to the main corridor of Beregar. I speak with Emperor Rehal, although nothing really stands out to me other than him mentioning that he has the best crystal caves and when requesting a mission or task, he suggests “If you walk through the world with open eyes, you will see quests without even having to ask. Even here in Beregar.” This last statement does peak a bit of curiosity in me! What does he mean by open eyes? I think back to the hallway to the royal quarters. The small gems laid on the floor could be interpreted as eyes. Although I feel that Beregar has more secrets hiding in its halls, I decide to take the ore wagon to Kazordoon and continue my research there.

    Chapter II.

    The journey to Kazordoon, interrupted.

    In Kazordoon, I make my way around talking to all NPCs I can find. I learn that Emperor Kruzak of Kazordoon does not know about Beregar but believes that may be where the ancient tribe is. He refers to a poem that describes the separation of two groups of dwarves, but no one has located this poem. I learn from other Guards around Kazordoon that they are working to be better prepared for future attacks, mentioning that it took all of their might to stop the last invasion from what they refer to as the “Lost”. They suggest that the gnomes have found a way to use the crystals, but the gnomes roaming around Kazordoon say we’ve only seen a fraction of what they could do. I know I’ve seen these crystal columns around before but I can’t find any in Kazordoon. I only find stone columns that look like all of the crystals have been harvested from them. I ask all of my Tibian friends but none of us can remember where they were. I set out on a mission, checking every city to find these elusive crystal columns.

    I find myself in the Factory Quarter of Yalahar and I find many different floors with all types of crystal columns. One cave has matching tiles, another cave has colour changing crystals. One has a lot of green crystal columns and a swamp, one is full of red crystal columns with fires and another full of blue crystals with a lake in the center. Lastly there is golem cave with ore wagons and evidence of dwarf made caves. When leaving the Factory Quarter, I notice a lone dwarf named Morpel working at a weapons shop, the Grumpy Cyclops looming over him. When I ask Morpel about this Cyclops, he quietly whispers “Uhm <whispers> just between you and me. That cyclops with this unpronounceable name is the owner of this store. I just do all the talking and trade”. He doesn’t seem to know anything about Beregar or Kazordoon though. This leads me to believe he was born here in Yalahar.

    I say goodbye to Morpel and go on a search for anything I can find about these golems I found in the caves with the crystal columns. I found a book in Telas’s library in Edron titled “Yalahari Worker Golems – A Treatise” that states the golems’ brains are made of crystals, their bodies are made of cheap metal, and they act like giant metal puppets. It further states that no further golems are being made. I also come across a dwarf notebook in the depths of the gnome hub where a dwarf notes that although the gnomes know about mushrooms and crystals, nothing can replace good metal. This leads me to believe that the gnomes played a part in the creation of the golems’ bodies. I think to myself, “how did dwarves end up in Yalahar if they were travelling from Beregar to Kazordoon?” and start to consider where other dwarves are now. This helps me continue my investigation leading me to Edron next.

    Chapter III.

    Searching for the ancient artefact.

    I make my way to Edron and stop to chat with Daniel Steelsoul. I learned that dwarves sometimes appear in Edron because they are looking for an ancient artefact. I am curious what this ancient artefact could be. I recall back to the ancient dwarves, and remember that the Great Axes were once equipped by the Dwarven Kings which is confirmed on TibiaWiki’s page on the Great Axe. It sounds like Kaine went to the northern ruins looking for something ancient. Thinking of the northern ruins, I remember the star room in Edron. There have always been lots of rumours and theories about this room. Some state that if you place a green, grey, blue, red and purple tome in the 5 corners of the star, you will be rewarded with a Great Axe that was mentioned by Shawtay on Could it be said that the dwarves have heard of this room?

    I remember the dwarf caves in Cormaya and make my way there. There doesn’t seem to be an NPC with those dwarves but one could assume they are searching for this artefact. I take the stairs down to the steamship, and I notice the steamship is powered by crystals. I take the ship to Kazordoon, and decide to take a detour to the Isle of Evil. Although there was nothing I could locate here related to Beregar, it did stand out to me that the metal ship to the Isle was built from the same metal walls I saw in the Yalahar Factory Quarter. This leads me to believe I am on the right path with my theory that dwarves have definitely been active in the Yalahar Factory Quarter at one time.

    Next I take the magic carpet from Kazordoon to Farmine. Upon my arrival, I first noticed small gems on the floor again, appearing like eyes marking the protection zone area near the exits to the mountain, as well as the entrance to the bar. The dwarves only seem to be aware of Kazordoon, and are unresponsive to questions about Beregar. One interesting statue caught my eye though. Another discoloured older looking statue with an axe stands near the bank in Farmine. It does make me curious that only the statues with axes are older looking, and this confirms my thoughts that the ancient artefact would be a great axe.

    Lastly, I decide to head to Port Hope as there are quite a few dwarves in Port Hope. I found a dwarf NPC named Uso underneath the bar of Port Hope. When I spoke with Uso, I learned that they are simply in Port Hope to mine for gold, and they originate from Kazordoon. Uso also does not seem to know about Beregar. Because of this, I believe all dwarves that are currently alive outside of Beregar have never been to Beregar and were born in Kazordoon or Yalahar.

    Chapter IV.

    It all leads back to Beregar.

    After these discoveries, I have a theory about how Beregar is connected not only to Kazordoon, but Yalahar and Edron, in ways we wouldn’t have expected. I theorise that many years ago, in the ancient times of Tibia, a tribe of dwarves left Beregar in search of a new home with plenty of resources and land for their growing community. Some of these dwarves were captured by the evil Yalahari, enslaved and forced to create the metal bodies of the golems seen in Yalahar. Those who managed to evade the Yalahari’s capture went on to build the great city we now know as Kazordoon. They used the depths of the mountain to protect themselves from attacks of creatures on the surface such as the mighty orc hordes in the not so distant Uldrek’s Rock. Although the deeper they went, the hotter it got. Only the most evil creatures could stand this heat, and these creatures posed a danger from below for the dwarves. I believe the Yalahari’s are using these hot tunnels to send their golems through to Kazordoon in the search for more crystals. The Yalahari’s require more crystals to build more golems and expand the city of Yalahar.

    I also believe that the younger dwarves of Kazordoon are sent out on expeditions to gather wealth and ancient artefacts. Their exploration of Edron and Cormaya is said to be in search of an ancient artefact. This makes me hypothesise that the most ancient artefact that a dwarf would go that far for would be the lost Great Axe. I do not believe this axe is here though. I believe that Kaine provided false information to the dwarves to use their mining skills to locate the star room, but that he would sacrifice them to find a different treasure this room may be hiding, something even more powerful than the crystals. Although a star isn’t an uncommon pattern to see, if we look closely in the deepest caves of Beregar, we can see a pattern of dead bodies in the shape of a star. It is well known that the demon forge is near the star room in Edron and that Ferumbras himself has been down in the ruins in search of something.


    You may be asking, what is next? I will continue my journey in Beregar. Upon my belief that there is more to these columns, I will need to try many more things in this area. The columns follow a very specific pattern, one that I do not think could be created accidentally. Furthermore, the two NPCs nearby, each only making one statement, don’t seem to be of particular help right now but are curious. I will try to continue speaking with them with different items equipped, with different inflictions such as fire or poison damage. For now, what we do know as true, is that the dwarves worship fire and earth elements and these are the only known two elemental NPCs in all of Tibia. We also know that the crystals are used for more than we can currently comprehend.

    Although these are just my theories, I still have a lot of investigating to do to get to reveal the secrets of the Hidden City. For now, I ponder the following questions;

    • Are the 5 colored Mystic Secrets of Tibia tomes related?
    • Could the crystal pedestals we use for decoration be used for more?
    • What do the crystal columns in Beregar control?
    • Is the open eyes quote simply that, a quote, or is it a clue?
    • Is there more to Farmine than we currently know?
    • Could there be more elemental NPCs that are undiscovered?
    • And finally, will any brave Tibians attempt to join me in this search for the ancient truth?
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