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    NPC: Rehon

    Note: Transcription made after completing all missions of the Hidden City of Beregar quest

    Player: hi / hello / hiho
    Rehon: Hello, my friend.
    Player: ab’dendriel / ankrahmun / carlin / thais / venore / darashia / svargrond / port hope / liberty bay / edron
    Rehon: I have never visited one of your cities. Once you have seen Beregar, you don’t need to go anywhere else.
    Player: beregar
    Rehon: Lovely, huh? The shady lights, the smell of iron and stone. Ahhh, it’s time I got back there.
    Player: bolfona
    Rehon: Don’t mess with her – you’ll lose. I promise.
    Player: bye
    Rehon: Leave without me. I’ll sneak out on my own.
    Player: drog
    Rehon: He’s a drunkard but a good worker… at least when he’s drunk.
    Player: dwarf / expedition / member / other / rest
    Rehon: I can’t be completely sure, but I don’t believe anyone else survived the troll attacks.
    Player: frafnar
    Rehon: Oh well, he’s kind of….. strange, but basically he’s alright. I heard he likes Bolfona <giggles>.
    Player: grombur
    Rehon: He’s on the right way to become the drunkard of the year.
    Player: harog
    Rehon: Hah! When you find out how he makes his money you’ll laugh! He sells rotworm urine as rust remover and earns a fortune with it. Muahahahahaha!
    Player: hero
    Rehon: You’re kiddin’ me…. just get me out of here!
    Player: job
    Rehon: Me and my expedition party were supposed to find new crystal veins here in the old mine tunnels.
    Player: knight
    Rehon: All dwarfs know how to fight. There is no need to have a special vocation for that.
    Player: name
    Rehon: I’m Rehon, son of Rehal. Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite.
    Player: nokmir
    Rehon: He’s a really good soul. Whenever you’re in trouble Nokmir will help you. He covered up for me soooo many times when I was little.
    Player: poem
    Rehon: Get me out of here NOW!! And don’t you dare to complain about the rhyme!
    Player: rehal
    Rehon: He’s a wise emperor and a good father but I can’t imagine being an emperor myself.
    Player: rescue
    Rehon: By the Gods, it’s about time someone showed up to rescue me.
    Player: spell
    Rehon: Sorry, I don’t teach spells for your vocation.
    Player: spellbook
    Rehon: Do I look like a sorcerer?
    Player: tehlim
    Rehon: Tehlim is alive?!? Well, at least he won’t starve down in the tunnels. Hehehehe.
    Player: tibia
    Rehon: The stone we walk on, the air we breathe… or in this case, the rubbish and the stench that surrounds us.
    Player: time
    Rehon: It’s time to leave this filthy place.
    Player: troll
    Rehon: I have never seen such well-trained trolls. I wonder if there is a conspiracy behind that.
    Player: vocation
    Rehon: I’d say I’m an explorer and adventurer. Always in trouble. Hehehehe.
    Player: xorlosh
    Rehon: He has a talent for repairing things. He wasn’t trained in that but he has a feel for it instinctively, you know what I mean? I can’t really explain how he does what he does.
    Player: Yalahar
    Rehon: Those Yalaharians are crazy. Good for nothing but trouble. I prefer to stay in Beregar.
    Player: farewell
    Rehon: Don’t leave me to rot down here.

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