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    Hello Everyone,


    Im new here, heard alot of this site on youtube and now im looking to find more about something that i think has alot more to it than we know right now.

    So ive started this thread in hopes to find some information or get in touch with people that are also looking into it.


    and as the tittle says, im interested in knowing more about the Ring of Ending, im pretty sure that this thing has more use to it, still not sure where to start looking, might do some exploring on roshamuul wearing it and trying random stuff next weekend

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    I created my ring of ending quite some time ago, sometime in July 2014.

    I agree that there is certainly one or more undiscovered secrets behind it. After all, there are times when you pay for the creation of this item with your life, which is basically the most valuable thing you have in tibia (speaking from the perspective of someone who hates dying).

    I remember carrying it in my eq for about a year, researching things, talking to NPCs, etc. What I didn’t do – due to my low level at the time, was thoroughly research Roshamuul and its NPCs while wearing the ring. I’m pretty sure that having it in the eq is the key to going further in this mystery quest.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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