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    Player: hi
    Samir: Hmm. Good day, Player. What do you want from an old man?
    Player: want / job
    Samir: I don’t have a job anymore. Long time ago, I used to be an assassin… but that is a dark chapter of my past. Nowadays I’m a simple hermit.
    Player: assassin
    Samir: It is true – I once made a living from… well, putting people away who made others feel uncomfortable. It is not an easy life.
    Player: hermit
    Samir: That is the life I chose now. My sins can’t be made undone, but my life in solitude is my self-imposed punishment.
    Player: life
    Samir: You would not want to lead such a life, believe me. And I simply refuse to take anyone as my apprentice anymore.
    Player: apprentice
    Samir: No way. I am old and weary. If you really want to throw your life away and become an assassin, go bother Atrad, Vescu or Erayo and try not to get killed.
    Player: Atrad
    Samir: You got Atrad’s katana? Impressive. That probably wasn’t an easy task. Don’t hurt yourself with it, kid.
    Player: Vescu
    Samir: Interesting. So you managed to talk an assassin outfit out of Vescu? Doesn’t surprise me… that fool is easily manipulated.
    Player: Erayo
    Samir: You were able to sneak into Erayo’s house? Hehe, that must have startled him. <chuckles>
    Player: name
    Samir: I never speak my name in front of others. I believe that doing so gives other people power over you.
    Player: beggar
    Samir: Don’t insult me, Player. I have never begged for anything in my life, nor do I ask for alms.
    Player: alms
    Samir: I don’t need that.
    Player: forbidden
    Samir: These islands are cursed. No captain will bring you there on his own free will, that’s for sure.
    Player: sin
    Samir: Regret your own sins before you judge others.
    Player: tiquanda
    Samir: All this bustle in the jungle makes me nervous.
    Player: Samir
    Samir: Right. But it’s not me who said that.
    Player: bye
    Samir: Always watch your back, Player.

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