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    Secrets Of Tibia II

    Do you have a passion for all sorts of in-game secrets? Now is your chance to present your skills. TibiaSecrets invites you to participate in the 2nd edition of our contest called “Secrets of Tibia II”. Your task is to write an article on one of the topics provided by us. The article is to describe/present a secret or several secrets related to the chosen topic. We realise that gathering information and writing an article is not only quite difficult but also time-consuming. Therefore, there are great prizes waiting for the winners, and you have 7 weeks to do your research and prepare the article.


    – The article is intended to present/describe a secret or several secrets. The term “secret” is very broad. It can refer not only to a secret/”mysteriando”, but also, for example: allusions, hidden mechanics or theories about Tibia’s lore. Anything you consider to be a secret is acceptable.

    – The structure and nature of the article can be whatever you wish. For example: it can be divided into chapters – like TibiaSecrets articles – but it does not have to be. It can be an RPG-style short story or take the form of research. It can be satirical or serious in nature. Remember, however, that the article must also meet the other conditions of the rules.

    – The article can only be written on one of the following topics:

    1. Magic web
    2. In search of Xemal Xoth
    3. Variphor & Yalaharians
    4. Physics & Mathematics in Tibia
    5. Museum of Tibian Arts
    6. Secrets of Elves
    7. Secrets of Orcs
    8. Legendary items of Tibia
    9. Legends of Svargrond (including Arena and surrounding areas)
    10. Secrets of Rookgaard (besides Sword of Fury)

    – If you want to describe another place/topic in the article that is not listed in the above list, you may do so, but only if its connection to a place from the above topics makes sense and is supported by a rational theory. Try to focus on the place/topic listed above. Deviating too extensively from the main topic will be scored lower by the judges.

    – The article must be written in English only. Other languages will not be accepted. Please also use translators with caution, as the linguistic correctness of the article will be considered a plus.

    – The article must include a title.

    – Remember that the article must be accessible to the reader. Your work is not just a competition entry and will be read and analysed by the people judging it and may possibly be read by the players themselves. Therefore, the maximum word limit is 5000 words. There is no minimum word limit. The TibiaSecrets team will use to verify the word count of submitted entries.

    – You can use commonly available knowledge about the game (books, documents, information on, as well as any information you find on the web. For example, on fan sites or Discord servers. However, remember that you must always provide the source of the information.

    – It is acceptable and even recommended, to use common knowledge that is seemingly unrelated to the game – for example, if you know of an interesting allusion that relates to the real world, write about it in the article, using the knowledge available on the web. Remember to cite the source.

    – It is allowed and recommended to include screenshots, images and graphics. If, however, you wish to use graphics/pictures that you are not the author of, please remember to respect the rights of the respective owners. If the author of the image/graphic has given you permission to distribute it, then you must comply with the license that covers the image/graphic.

    – Consider that self-made graphics/images do not increase your rating much. This is not a competition for artistic abilities.

    – It is not allowed to submit an article that has already been published anywhere. For example, on a fansite, Reddit, Discord or another platform. However, if you are the author of an article that has been previously published, it is possible to base your article on its content. In this case, you must acknowledge the source and indicate that you are the author of the original article. Please note, however, that the “element of surprise”, i.e. knowledge which was not previously available to the general public, will be taken into consideration.

    – It is forbidden to use or link to websites containing hacks, cheats, bots, OTS-related content or content that generally violates the Tibia rules.

    – It is not allowed to use or refer to so-called Leaked Files.

    – Write the truth. It is forbidden to intentionally provide false information in the article. For example: preparing screenshots to show and describe invented mechanics. The secrets described will be subject to verification. Any attempt to mislead the reader by providing false information will result in disqualification. If, when describing an issue, you are not completely sure of the truth of your assumptions, clearly state that what you are writing about is just a theory/hypothesis.

    – The content must NOT be related to inappropriate things or have inappropriate language.

    – Your submission must be sent to:

    The only acceptable form of submission is a link to a document on Google Drive in a format supported by Google Docs (preferably docx).

    – Your application must include your nickname and the server you are playing on. It is best if you include this information in the body of the email or at the beginning/end of the article.

    – One participant can submit up to two articles for the contest, but only the best article (as decided by the team) will be ultimately judged.

    – The TibiaSecrets team is responsible for selecting the 6 winning entries. In this edition, we plan to invite 2 independent experts for additional increase of transparency and fairness of evaluation. They will help us with judging all the entries.

    – TibiaSecrets team members and independent experts cannot participate in the competition.

    – Any attempt of plagiarism will result in disqualification of the participant. Plagiarism is understood as using someone else’s text or graphics/photographs/images as your own without giving the source or breaking the license of the original work. If you quote someone else, you must make it clear in the article, giving the source.

    – TibiaSecrets has decided that the content of entries will not be made public (while the competition is ongoing). All valid entries will be published on the TibiaSecrets main page/forum only after the contest is officially closed and the winners are selected. As we value your work and creativity, this is to prevent plagiarism or even inspiration from other contestants’ work.

    – Corrections to an article after the submission deadline are allowed, but only at the request of the TibiaSecrets team. Corrections after the submission deadline can only be made in the case of missing sources or inappropriate use of other people’s works. TibiaSecrets in such a case may contact the author of the article to correct the faulty information.

    – TibiaSecrets members may contact the author of the article after the submission deadline to verify/clarify the secrets described.

    – TibiaSecrets reserves the right to announce the contest results at any time. This is in connection with the proper evaluation of the submitted entries. Some secrets described by the article author may be verified by TibiaSecrets members. This may involve verification of the issue in the game itself or on the Internet. Therefore, the deadline for the announcement of the contest results will be influenced by the number of submitted entries.

    – TibiaSecrets team members will publish the progress of article verification (article topic, nickname, world and verification result) on their Discord server.

    – TibiaSecrets reserves the right to publish the 6 winning entries on the TibiaSecrets homepage as full articles. Winners may be asked to create an account on TibiaSecrets. This is to set up their accounts as article authors.


    What will we rate:

    – Your creativity and knowledge of the game.

    – “Element of surprise”, i.e. knowledge that has not been widely available before.

    – The flow and coherence of the article – make sure it’s enjoyable to read and keeps the viewer’s attention.

    – The visual aspect of the article, i.e. the form of presentation of the content, the ease of its reception, is also subject to assessment, but it will not be the decisive factor in choosing the winners.



    The contest starts on Aug 10th 2022, 22:00 CEST and ends on Sep 30th 2022 22:00 CEST.


    We’ve made sure the prizes are attractive, encourage you to take part in the fun and reward the effort you put into your contest entry:


    1. Bonelord Tome + Golden Warrior Trophy  + Medal of Honour
    +   +

    2. Tome of choice (Grey, Green or Blue) + Silver Warrior Trophy + Hero’s Medal

    +   +

    3. Nightmare Doll + Bronze Warrior Trophy + Badge of Glory

    +   +

    4.  Golden rune emblem of choice

    5.  Golden rune emblem of choice

    6. Golden rune emblem of choice


    Good luck! If you have any questions feel free to ask them via our contact form on the site or use the dedicated channel on our Discord.

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