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    Player: hi / ashari
    Shirith: Ashari Haishen. What can I do for you?
    Player: do for you / job
    Shirith: I am the overseer of the mines.
    Player: mines
    Shirith: We hardly get the ore we need. The worthless trolls are lazy workers. I keep them locked up the whole time.
    Player: trolls
    Shirith: We give these useless creatures a reason to live by serving us.
    Player: locked
    Shirith: I keep the keys to the mines.
    Player: keys
    Shirith: I would sell you a key for 50 gold, ok?
    Player: yes
    Shirith: Here it is.
    Player: name
    Shirith: I am called Shirith Blooddancer.
    Player: venore
    Shirith: If it comes to trade, I can respect those merchants. As long as they leave as soon as they have finished business, that is.
    Player: carlin
    Shirith: I think those humans are trespassing on elven territory far too often.
    Player: thais
    Shirith: Thais is far away, as all humans should be.
    Player: time
    Shirith: It is 8:18 pm.
    Player: roderick
    Shirith: We don’t need him or any other ambassador here.
    Player: olrik
    Shirith: As a post officer he has some use … as a troll has some use for mining.
    Player: elves
    Shirith: We are a superior race, indeed.
    Player: dwarfs
    Shirith: They could be of … some use.
    Player: humans
    Shirith: Humans are more annoying than our trolls.
    Player: cenath
    Shirith: They think they are better than us.
    Player: kuridai
    Shirith: We keep this society running. Without our tools and work our case would be a lost one.
    Player: deraisim
    Shirith: They could do more for us if they would try more hard.
    Player: abdaisim
    Shirith: Let them go, we don’t need them.
    Player: teshial
    Shirith: Who needs dreamers these days?
    Player: ferumbras
    Shirith: He should be destroyed.
    Player: excalibug
    Shirith: Nonsense.
    Player: news
    Shirith: I would sell you a key for 50 gold, ok?
    Player: no
    Shirith: Ok, then not.
    Player: bye / farewell / asha thrazi
    Shirith: Asha Thrazi, Player.

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