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    Player: hi
    Sylvester: LONG LIVE THE KING!
    Player: KING / tibianus / leader
    Sylvester: Tibianus III is our beloved king! He rules over Venore from far away Thais.
    Player: Venore
    Sylvester: The harbour is to the north, the weapon market in the south, the general market to the west, and the bank to the east. You will find other shops and the Hard Rock Tavern in the centre.
    Player: job
    Sylvester: I am a protector of the people of Venore.
    Player: dogs of war
    Sylvester: They are our rolemodells.
    Player: battlegroups
    Sylvester: I doubt you have the security clearance to ask that.
    Player: guard / army / secret police
    Sylvester: This information is confidential.
    Player: news
    Sylvester: Look for the Hard Rock Tavern to learn the latest news.
    Player: silver guard
    Sylvester: Only the best of the best serve as silver guards.
    Player: city
    Sylvester: This city, a member of the Thaian kingdom, is under the protection of the Thaian army.
    Player: ass / fuck / shit / idiot / stupid / fag / lunatic / tyrant
    Sylvester: Take this!
    Player: buy / sell
    Sylvester: Ask the merchants of the city. There are more than enough.
    Player: castle
    Sylvester: The castle is in Thais, the crown of the kingdom.
    Player: how are you?
    Sylvester: That’s classified information!
    Player: knights of noodles
    Sylvester: Every guard dreams of becoming one of them one day.
    Player: monsters
    Sylvester: The swamp is full of nasty snakes and there’s a dragon breeding ground somewhere in the swamps.
    Player: swamps
    Sylvester: The swamp is a dangerous place and full of monsters, not to mention all those swampelves living at shadowthorn, amazons, and swamptrolls.
    Player: swamptrolls
    Sylvester: This hideous creatures are even more ugly than the normal trolls. They are treacherous and use several poisons.
    Player: swampelves
    Sylvester: Those elves hide in the swamps and are trying to kill all humans in this area.
    Player: bye
    Sylvester: LONG LIVE THE KING!


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