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    NPC: Tehlim

    Note: Transcription was made after completion the Royal Rescue quest.

    Player: hi / hello
    Tehlim: Hello. I’m so glad someone has found me. Did you meet THEM?!
    Player: ab’dendriel / carlin / venore / thais / darama / darashia / folda / vega / senja / ice islands
    Tehlim: The only place I know is Beregar. My home.
    Player: alone / other
    Tehlim: The other members of the expedition have either been killed or imprisoned by the trolls.
    Player: attack / they / them
    Tehlim: We were attacked by some sort of assassin trolls or something. They came over us like a storm and in the blink of an eye it was over… everyone was either killed or captured.
    Player: beer
    Tehlim: I could do with one right now.
    Player: buy / sell
    Tehlim: What kind of rescue party are you?! I neither have wares to sell nor do I want to buy something.
    Player: captain
    Tehlim: Ships have captains. Dwarfs usually don’t have ships so we don’t have captains. Smart, huh?
    Player: dwarf
    Tehlim: I won’t tell you the secret of our success. No!
    Player: fish / water / ship
    Tehlim: I hate ships! I hate water! I hate fish! So let’s talk about something different.
    Player: food / meal / inventions / inventors
    Tehlim: I am famous for having invented the most amazing meal ever known to dwarven kind! I call it ‘hangman’s relish’. I am not going to tell you the recipe, buuuut it contains lots of brown ale, special mushrooms and ground soapstone. Delicious!
    Player: job / work
    Tehlim: I’m the cook for the expedition party. The only one who didn’t get cought by those…. those MONSTERS.
    Player: kazordoon
    Tehlim: Uhh yes, I heard the stories about the lost tribe. Really interesting. There are rumours that they used these old tunnels around here when they left Beregar.
    Player: mine
    Tehlim: This part of the mine was abandoned a long time ago. There are no crystals left. The expedition had the task to check for new veins of crystal… but before we could find one, THEY found us.
    Player: mission / quest
    Tehlim: I have nothing more for you to do. You could keep me company, if you wanted to. We could cook something, play a game or…. mock some trolls. Hrhrhrhrhr.
    Player: name
    Tehlim: They call me Tehlim Madtreat. I can make a meal from almost anything.
    Player: Rehal
    Tehlim: His son Rehon was with us. I don’t know if he survived the troll attack.
    Player: Rehon
    Tehlim: You have to search the area for him. If he’s still alive then rescue him… if not… you’ll have to be the one to tell his father. I’m sorry.
    Player: technomancer
    Tehlim: Ahhh, forget technomancers, pyromancers are way better. Never seen one, huh? Figures. They are kind of shy.
    Player: tibia
    Tehlim: Beregar is our world. We don’t want to be drawn in to any of your kind’s conflicts.
    Player: troll
    Tehlim: Their hideout must be somewhere in the ore wagon tunnels. If you want to help me find Rehon and the others just ask me for a mission.
    Player: what
    Tehlim: The expedition had the task to check for new veins of crystal….but before we could find one, THEY found us. Those trolls are…. different.
    Player: yalahar
    Tehlim: Wasn’t that destroyed ages ago? Whatever, it makes no difference to me.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Tehlim: See you soon, right?

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