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    Player: hi / hello
    The Gate Keeper: Are you the Key Master?
    Player: yes
    The Gate Keeper: Enter the Spirit Grounds, Key Master.
    Player: spirit ground
    The Gate Keeper: The realm between realms, where all doors open on themselves only. The place where the spirits dwell that have unfinished business or were… called.
    Player: called
    The Gate Keeper: The call of the Ancients was sounded. The Key Master knows it. We too have been summoned to prepare for their arrival.
    Player: Ancients
    The Gate Keeper: Enough! Don’t waste your breath, mortal. Go now onto the grounds to do what you came here to do.
    Player: gods
    The Gate Keeper: We are in their atrium. Some doors lead to them. Soon…
    Player: soon
    The Gate Keeper: Yes, soon. Or maybe it has happened already, long ago. …
    The Gate Keeper: Time has no meaning to them.
    Player: shadow
    The Gate Keeper: The breath of darkness, the eye of the night, the body of the other.
    Player: blood priest
    The Gate Keeper: Insolent beggars, prying into dark windows.
    Player: key
    The Gate Keeper: The balance has been broken, the doors pried open, the keys scattered and lost. …
    The Gate Keeper: The Key Master will find them and close the doors that were not meant to be open. …
    The Gate Keeper: And then he will unlock the Other Door.
    Player: other door
    The Gate Keeper: The Key Master will know.
    Player: death
    The Gate Keeper: A broken seal on a letter long read.
    Player: here
    The Gate Keeper: This is a… pause between two breaths. All times, held and spent at once in a place that is not a place.
    Player: zg
    The Gate Keeper: Really! No need to be rude.
    Player: path / what
    The Gate Keeper: Use a sharp blade, a powerful staff or spell to send them on their way.
    Player: job
    The Gate Keeper: I am the Gate Keeper. I guard the doors and await the Key Master.
    Player: name
    The Gate Keeper: My name is unpronouncable in your language.
    Player: unpronouncable
    The Gate Keeper: The nearest you may come to is Zg’!kch of Cthle-ZüuKh’lkrlxchwr.
    Player: tibianus
    The Gate Keeper: As a child would sit on a castle made of sand.
    Player: tibia
    The Gate Keeper: Too many doors open. Too tempting for some. The shadows run and hide.
    Player: undead
    The Gate Keeper: Travellers between the doors.
    Player: necrom / necromancer
    The Gate Keeper: Serving the dark ones. Some do not know what they are meddling with, rattling at the doors like children.
    Player: pupil
    The Gate Keeper: Ah. Some were keys, some were leaves. All scattered, all blown away in the icy draft between the doors.
    Player: priestess
    The Gate Keeper: Soothing the pains of the festering sores.
    Player: why
    The Gate Keeper: Too many doors were opened that lead astray. The spirits gather in anger, here. Show them the path.
    Player: no
    The Gate Keeper: <loses interest immediately>
    Player: bye / farewell
    The Gate Keeper: Yes. For a while.

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