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    For the past week I’ve been really interested in the Spirit Grounds and been trying to gather some information by exploring the area and talking the The Gate Keeper. I feel kind of stuck at the moment and would love to get some input from you.

    Are the keys not actual keys? Are they beings?

    Are the lamps there for a reason? A lamp is only lit for 33 minutes. So 33 minutes after server save they go out. But I’ve been there a long time after server save and they were still lit.

    There are 3 platforms you can go up via stairs. Are they important? Why are they there?

    There are also 2 platforms where you can levitate up. Just a coincidence or something important?

    Seems like any word starting with ‘no’ will immediately end the conversation.

    I managed to find some new keywords that are not on the wiki. It’s not much but this is what I’ve gathered.


    Possible real life references
    Ghostbusters (The Gate Keeper and The Key Master)?

    Possible Tibia references
    Spectulus & Sinclair (Spirithunters)?

    11:21 Player: what
    11:21 The Gate Keeper: Use a sharp blade, a powerful staff or spell to send them on their way.

    11:22 Player: gods
    11:22 The Gate Keeper: We are in their atrium. Some doors lead to them. Soon…

    11:22 Player: soon
    11:22 The Gate Keeper: Yes, soon. Or maybe it has happened already, long ago. …
    11:22 The Gate Keeper: Time has no meaning to them.

    12:02 Player: why
    12:02 The Gate Keeper: Too many doors were opened that lead astray. The spirits gather in anger, here. Show them the path.

    12:02 Player: path
    12:02 The Gate Keeper: Use a sharp blade, a powerful staff or spell to send them on their way.

    12:15 Player: necromancer
    12:15 The Gate Keeper: Serving the dark ones. Some do not know what they are meddling with, rattling at the doors like children.

    12:19 Player: zg
    12:19 The Gate Keeper: Really! No need to be rude.

    12:52 Player: here
    12:52 The Gate Keeper: This is a… pause between two breaths. All times, held and spent at once in a place that is not a place.

    13:09 Player: blood priest
    13:09 The Gate Keeper: Insolent beggars, prying into dark windows.

    13:09 Player: priestess
    13:09 The Gate Keeper: Soothing the pains of the festering sores.

    13:10 Player: pupil
    13:10 The Gate Keeper: Ah. Some were keys, some were leaves. All scattered, all blown away in the icy draft between the doors.

    09:51 Player: no
    09:51 The Gate Keeper: <loses interest immediately>

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    Impressive job with the transcriptions and the research overall. The Gate Keeper seems to have in-depth knowledge about various types of necromancers, which is especially interesting. Also, this part is definitely worth further research:

    11:22 Player: gods
    11:22 The Gate Keeper: We are in their atrium. Some doors lead to them. Soon…

    I must admit that we haven’t yet had a chance to explore this place in detail. You have motivated us to do so.
    We’ll keep you updated. 🙂

    Your research could be a good base for a longer article.

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    I have to admit that this is a very interesting topic. Today I tried to make my own transcription of this npc. I managed to find one more previously unknown (probably) word – Tibianus. Link to the transcription:

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    I’m happy that this got you interested in this topic as well!

    Nice find Mogh!


    Did you know that the ‘zg’ comes from copying one of his phrases: “Zgk’ch Cthlhg drch, sire.”.

    It could also come as a part of his name “Zg’!kch of Cthle-ZüuKh’lkrlxchwr”.

    And in the end the keyword he answers to is only ‘zg’, which I find interesting!

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    ‘Did you know that the ‘zg’ comes from copying one of his phrases: “Zgk’ch Cthlhg drch, sire.”.’

    Yes of course I know that. I remember there is a similar situation with another NPC not related to Spirit Grounds at all. We are talking about NPC Nibble.

    18:55 Mogh [340]: name
    18:55 Nibble: <sigh> Ogre bosses call me Nibble.
    18:56 Mogh [340]: Nibble
    18:56 Nibble: Not funny! Me full name Golozo Taku Narkat Kash Bartak Har-Alhad, ignorant hu-man!
    18:56 Mogh [340]: golozo
    18:56 Nibble: You mispronounce badly, hu-man! But no matter.

    As you can see, we don’t have to quote the whole name for the NPC to respond.

    Back on topic, I’d like to say that this may be crazy but could the inaccessible Spectral Tomb location have some connection to Spirit Grounds ? What do you guys think ?  Take a look at the screenshot below. Tomb is located under the entrance to Spirit Grounds near Kha’Zeel mountain. It looks like some kind of walled gate to me….

    I know that the location was created much earlier than Spirit Grounds but maybe it has some connection after all.


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    That does sound interesting if it would be connected to the tomb. But what about when the Spirit Grounds is in Ghostlands or Vengoth? What’s the connection there? Why is it moving places?

    I also went to Drefia to talk to another NPC that is a Shadow Pupil, Oblivion. He mentions a lot of the same words and connections as the Gate Keeper. Here is a list of the keywords I have managed to get a response from.

    13:51 Myskonaut [318]: hi
    13:51 Oblivion: Be greeted.

    13:51 Myskonaut [318]: bye
    13:51 Oblivion: Yes.

    13:51 Myskonaut [318]: name
    13:51 Oblivion: All gone, all but Oblivion remains.

    13:51 Myskonaut [318]: shadow
    13:51 Oblivion: Between two breaths.

    13:52 Myskonaut [318]: pupil
    13:52 Oblivion: Leaves of a tree.

    13:52 Myskonaut [318]: master
    13:52 Oblivion: Travellers.

    13:45 Myskonaut [318]: job
    13:45 Oblivion: A guest at the doors.

    13:46 Myskonaut [318]: tibia
    13:46 Oblivion: The eye of the gods.

    13:46 Myskonaut [318]: undead
    13:46 Oblivion: The shadows know all between the doors.

    13:45 Myskonaut [318]: blood priest
    13:45 Oblivion: Dogs at the lord’s table.

    13:46 Myskonaut [318]: necromancer
    13:46 Oblivion: Wine at the feast.

    13:46 Myskonaut [318]: priestess
    13:46 Oblivion: Light through the lace of seasons.

    14:01 Myskonaut [318]: gravedigger
    14:01 Oblivion: A soothing hand on sore eyes.

    13:49 Myskonaut [318]: darkness
    13:49 Oblivion: The gods exhale.

    13:50 Myskonaut [318]: light
    13:50 Oblivion: A thought in the house of souls.

    13:57 Myskonaut [318]: army
    13:57 Oblivion: Drinking from a bloody cup.

    14:04 Myskonaut [318]: king
    14:04 Oblivion: A mountain casts a different shadow from an ocean.

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    Very interesting find. It looks like the developers created The Gate Keeper based on Oblivion or another NPC from Drefia. Probably for a reason.

    We have noticed that this is a common practice when it comes to game developers. They just copy some NPC and change his statements. That is why often one NPC reacts to the same words as another NPC. It is probably easier to rewrite an NPC in this way than to write a whole script from scratch. The funny thing is that sometimes an NPC will respond to words that are completely unnecessary. We recently wondered why Tehilm, who lives in the deeper mines of Beregar, reacts to the names of towns or islands. For example Folda, Vega Senja, Ice Islands. We also wondered why he reacts to the keywords Ship, Captain and Fish, since he has probably never seen any of these things. It turned out that he was probably based on the captain of the steamship 🙂


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    I also talked to Tomruk The Ruddy in Drefia.

    “Always speak in riddles. If they deign to speak to you, that is.”.  Very interesting answer to Shadow Pupil. Which both The Gate Keeper and Oblivion are.

    Not sure if he has any connection otherwise.

    I can’t find anything on Elryed The Sanguine, his response to Blood Hand.


    14:14 Myskonaut [318]: hi
    14:14 Tomruk The Ruddy: Hello there. Blood donation, yes? Get in line.

    14:49 Myskonaut [318]: bye
    14:49 Tomruk The Ruddy: My pleasure, I assure you. Farewell!

    14:51 Myskonaut [318]: farewell
    14:51 Tomruk The Ruddy: Hmm? Oh yes, farewell, farewell.

    14:14 Myskonaut [318]: name
    14:14 Tomruk The Ruddy: You will address me with my full name: Tomruk The Ruddy.

    14:15 Myskonaut [318]: job
    14:15 Tomruk The Ruddy: Are you joking? Does the colour of my robes tell you anything? I’m a very important researcher!

    14:15 Myskonaut [318]: research
    14:15 Tomruk The Ruddy: A fellow student of the dark arts, eh? Well, I specialise in the various conductive abilities of blood, you see. …
    14:15 Tomruk The Ruddy: Perhaps you had read my treatise…no? Well, it’ll revolutionise practical necromancy, let me tell you!

    14:16 Myskonaut [318]: blood
    14:16 Tomruk The Ruddy: Ah, the sweet sap of life, the nectar of the gods, the river of emotions, the… <ahem> best thing there is.

    14:16 Myskonaut [318]: necromancer
    14:16 Tomruk The Ruddy: Backward bunch. Incredibly old-fashioned approach to blood and narrow-minded about it.

    14:16 Myskonaut [318]: shadow pupil
    14:16 Tomruk The Ruddy: Huh. Always speak in riddles. If they deign to speak to you, that is. Paint strange pseudo-animals on the floor and prefer ashes to blood.

    14:17 Myskonaut [318]: priestess
    14:17 Tomruk The Ruddy: Not much to do with them, more’s the pity. Beautiful, lively things.

    14:17 Myskonaut [318]: blood priest
    14:17 Tomruk The Ruddy: It takes practice, skill and dedication, but you might get there if you try!

    14:17 Myskonaut [318]: blood hand
    14:17 Tomruk The Ruddy: Do you wish to join our ranks, talk to brother Elryed The Sanguine when he’s back from his errand.

    14:18 Myskonaut [318]: tibia / king
    14:18 Tomruk The Ruddy: Breeds supplies for the blood god.

    14:20 Myskonaut [318]: tibianus
    14:20 Tomruk The Ruddy: Well, someone has to sort out all those peasants’ concerns, I believe.

    14:21 Myskonaut [318]: ghouls
    14:21 Tomruk The Ruddy: It can take some that way. Giving in to their hunger. Not much use then.

    14:21 Myskonaut [318]: skeletons
    14:21 Tomruk The Ruddy: Of what interest would those sad things be? Not a drop of blood in them!

    14:22 Myskonaut [318]: drefia
    14:22 Tomruk The Ruddy: Well, it has its merits, yes. But I contemplate a study trip to the Plains of Havoc. Broadens your vision!

    14:23 Myskonaut [318]: army
    14:23 Tomruk The Ruddy: Shepherd dogs to their king. Don’t care myself, frankly. There are worthier things.

    14:26 Myskonaut [318]: undead
    14:26 Tomruk The Ruddy: Hrm, yes, technically you could say that. Research has advanced a bit, so the concept is outdated.

    14:28 Myskonaut [318]: scrolls
    14:28 Tomruk The Ruddy: Plenty of those here in Drefia. Got one myself, as a matter of fact. Handed down to me. Quite old and torn.

    14:35 Myskonaut [318]: vampires
    14:35 Tomruk The Ruddy: Ah, fascinating creatures. Unfortunately, I had a… professional misunderstanding with a viscount, and now, our relations are somewhat strained.

    14:37 Myskonaut [318]: zombie
    14:37 Tomruk The Ruddy: Good harriers for fresh supplies, but you have to keep them from gnawing at their find.

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    “I can’t find anything on Elryed The Sanguine, his response to Blood Hand.”

    I would look for on drefia. There are lots of documents and objects that you can read. The amount of them is really overwhelming.

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