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    Player: hi / hello
    Todd: Uhm oh hello Player… not so loud please… my head… What … do you want?
    Player: want / job
    Todd: I am… a traveller. Just leave me alone if you have nothing interesting to talk about.
    Player: interesting / trade
    Todd: I’d really like to rebuild my reputation someday and maybe find a nice girl. If you come across scrolls of heroic deeds or addresses of lovely maidens… let me know! …
    Todd: Oh no, it doesn’t matter what name is on the scrolls. I’m, uhm… flexible! And money – yes, I can pay. My, erm… uncle died recently and left me a pretty sum. Yes.
    Player: how are you
    Todd: Oh, this headache, one of the beers Frodo served me must have been foul.
    Player: name
    Todd: My Name? I am To… ahm… hum… My name is Hugo.
    Player: hugo
    Todd: Yes, that’s my name of course.
    Player: thais
    Todd: I love that city.
    Player: resistance
    Todd: Resistance is futile… uhm… I wonder where I picked that saying up. Oh my head…
    Player: head
    Todd: Uhhh ohhhh one of the beers yesterday must have been bad.
    Player: william
    Todd: That’s a common name, perhaps I met a William, not sure about that.
    Player: money
    Todd: I don’t know anything about money, missing or not.
    Player: todd
    Todd: Uh .. I… I met a Todd on the road. He told me he was traveling to Venore, look there for your Todd.
    Player: Eclesius
    Todd: He often comes here. But his constant confusion gives me a worse headache than Frodo’s beer. I rather avoid him.
    Player: carlin
    Todd: I never was there! Now leave me alone.
    Player: karl
    Todd: Uhm, never heard about him… and you can’t prove otherwise.
    Player: smuggler
    Todd: I am a honest person and don’t like to be insulted!
    Player: bye / farewell
    Todd: Yes, goodbye Player, just leave me alone.

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