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    Player: hi / hello
    Tom: Hey there, Player. I’m Tom the tanner. If you have fresh corpses, leather, paws or other animal body parts, trade with me.
    Player: academy
    Tom: Those people in the academy have no idea what’s going on in the real world. Books are not everything.
    Player: addon / outfit
    Tom: Would you like to wear bear paws like I do? No problem, just bring me 50 bear paws and 50 wolf paws and I’ll make them for you.
    Player: Al Dee
    Tom: He’s an apple polisher.
    Player: Amber
    Tom: Now that’s an interesting woman.
    Player: armor / shield / weapon / helmet
    Tom: Nope, sorry, don’t sell that. Ask Obi or Lee’Delle.
    Player: backpack / rope / shovel
    Tom: Nope, sorry, don’t sell that. Go see Al Dee or Lee’Delle.
    Player: bank
    Tom: When you head into a dungeon, leave your gold at the bank. Did you ever wonder why monsters carry gold with them? Devoured adventurers, mark my words.
    Player: bear paw / wolf paw
    Tom: Have you brought 50 bear paws and 50 wolf paws?
    Player: Billy
    Tom: He’s a better cook than his cousin Willie, actually.
    Player: blueberr
    Tom: There are many blueberry bushes in and around this village. Nature’s for free.
    Player: cipfried
    Tom: I’m not what you’d call a ‘believer’.
    Player: cookie / food
    Tom: I don’t sell food, you should ask at the farms of Willie or Billy.
    Player: Dallheim
    Tom: He’s okay.
    Player: Dixi
    Tom: She buys my fine leather clothes.
    Player: dungeon
    Tom: Dungeons can be dangerous without proper equipment.
    Player: equipment
    Tom: You need at least a backpack, a rope, a shovel, a weapon, an armor and a shield.
    Player: fishing
    Tom: I don’t fish.
    Player: fresh
    Tom: Fresh means: shortly after their death.
    Player: gold / money
    Tom: Well, no gold, no deal. Earn gold by fighting monsters and picking up the things they carry. Also, you can sell their corpses to me.
    Player: help
    Tom: Help? I will give you a few gold coins if you have some fresh dead animals for me. Note the word fresh.
    Player: how are you
    Tom: Much to do these days.
    Player: human
    Tom: Are you crazy?!
    Player: hyacinth
    Tom: I wonder if he’s angry because his potion monopoly fell.
    Player: info
    Tom: Do I look like a tourist information centre? Go ask someone else.
    Player: job
    Tom: I’m the local tanner. I buy fresh animal corpses, tan them, and convert them into fine leather clothes which I then sell to merchants.
    Player: king
    Tom: Bah, the king. I’m my own king.
    Player: Lee’Delle
    Tom: Her nose is a little high in the air, I think. She never shakes my hand.
    Player: Lily
    Tom: She always comes and preaches about how one should not wear animal skin.
    Player: Loui
    Tom: I wonder what spectacular monsters he has found.
    Player: main
    Tom: You can go there once you are level 8 and have talked to the oracle.
    Player: merchant
    Tom: Dixi and Lee’Delle sell my leather clothes in their shops.
    Player: monster
    Tom: Good monsters to start with are rats. They live in the sewers under the village of Rookgaard.
    Player: name
    Tom: My name is Tom the tanner.
    Player: Norma
    Tom: I like her beer.
    Player: Obi
    Tom: He is such a hypocrite.
    Player: offer / stuff / buy / sell / corpses / wares / animal
    Tom: I’m buying fresh corpses of rats, rabbits and wolves. I don’t buy half-decayed ones. If you have any for sale, trade with me.
    Player: oracle
    Tom: It’s in the academy, just above Seymour. Go there once you are level 8 to leave this place.
    Player: orc
    Tom: I don’t buy orcs. Their skin is too scratchy.
    Player: Paulie
    Tom: Typical pencil pusher.
    Player: potion
    Tom: Go to Lily for that.
    Player: quest
    Tom: Well, if you call that a quest, I have a little collection task. It’s about an outfit.
    Player: rookgaard
    Tom: This island has its own problems, but all in all it’s a decent place to live.
    Player: Santiago
    Tom: I don’t have a problem with him.
    Player: sewer
    Tom: The nearest sewer entrance is just to the right of this building.
    Player: Seymour
    Tom: He sticks his nose too much in books.
    Player: tanner
    Tom: That’s my job. It can be dirty at times but it provides enough income for my living.
    Player: Thais
    Tom: Ah, Thais is rotten to the core.
    Player: thank
    Tom: No need for that.
    Player: Tibia
    Tom: Rookgaard is just a tiny spot in the world of Tibia.
    Player: time
    Tom: Sorry, I haven’t been outside for a while, so I don’t know.
    Player: tom
    Tom: Yep.
    Player: trade
    Tom: Sure, check what I buy.
    Player: troll
    Tom: Troll leather stinks. Can’t use it.
    Player: Willie
    Tom: I kinda like him. At least he says what he thinks.
    Player: Zerbrus
    Tom: He’s okay.
    Player: Zirella
    Tom: My mother?? Did you meet my mother??
    Player: yes
    Tom: Bah, I guess everyone’s telling you horror stories about what a bad son I am. Everyone’s judging me although they have no idea what really happened.
    Player: hint
    Tom: ‘Capacity’ restricts the amount of things you can carry with you. It raises with each level.
    Player: hint
    Tom: Always have a look on your health bar. If you see that you do not regenerate health points anymore, eat something.
    Player: hint
    Tom: Always eat as much food as possible. This way, you’ll regenerate health points for a longer period of time.
    Player: hint
    Tom: After you have killed a monster, you have 10 seconds in which the corpse is not moveable and no one else but you can loot it.
    Player: hint
    Tom: Be careful when you approach three or more monsters because you only can block the attacks of two. In such a situation even a few rats can do severe damage or even kill you.
    Player: hint
    Tom: There are many ways to gather food. Many creatures drop food but you can also pick blueberries or bake your own bread. If you have a fishing rod and worms in your inventory, you can also try to catch a fish.
    Player: hint
    Tom: Baking bread is rather complex. First of all you need a scythe to harvest wheat. Then you use the wheat with a millstone to get flour. …
    Tom: This can be be used on water to get dough, which can be used on an oven to bake bread. Use milk instead of water to get cake dough.
    Player: hint
    Tom: Dying hurts! Better run away than risk your life. You are going to lose experience and skill points when you die.
    Player: hint
    Tom: When you switch to ‘Offensive Fighting’, you deal out more damage but you also get hurt more easily.
    Player: hint
    Tom: When you are on low health and need to run away from a monster, switch to ‘Defensive Fighting’ and the monster will hit you less severely.
    Player: hint
    Tom: Many creatures try to run away from you. Select ‘Chase Opponent’ to follow them.
    Player: hint
    Tom: The deeper you enter a dungeon, the more dangerous it will be. Approach every dungeon with utmost care or an unexpected creature might kill you. This will result in losing experience and skill points.
    Player: hint
    Tom: Due to the perspective, some objects in Tibia are not located at the spot they seem to appear (ladders, windows, lamps). Try clicking on the floor tile the object would lie on.
    Player: hint
    Tom: If you want to trade an item with another player, right-click on the item and select ‘Trade with …’, then click on the player with whom you want to trade.
    Player: hint
    Tom: Stairs, ladders and dungeon entrances are marked as yellow dots on the automap.
    Player: hint
    Tom: You can get food by killing animals or monsters. You can also pick blueberries or bake your own bread. If you are too lazy or own too much money, you can also buy food.
    Player: hint
    Tom: Quest containers can be recognised easily. They don’t open up regularly but display a message ‘You have found ….’. They can only be opened once.
    Player: hint
    Tom: Better run away than risk to die. You’ll lose experience and skill points each time you die.
    Player: hint
    Tom: You can form a party by right-clicking on a player and selecting ‘Invite to Party’. The party leader can also enable ‘Shared Experience’ by right-clicking on him- or herself.
    Player: hint
    Tom: You can assign spells, the use of items, or random text to ‘hotkeys’. You find them under ‘Options’.
    Player: hint
    Tom: You can also follow other players. Just right-click on the player and select ‘Follow’.
    Player: hint
    Tom: You can found a party with your friends by right-clicking on a player and selecting ‘Invite to Party’. If you are invited to a party, right-click on yourself and select ‘Join Party’.
    Player: hint
    Tom: Only found parties with people you trust. You can attack people in your party without getting a skull. This is helpful for training your skills, but can be abused to kill people without having to fear negative consequences.
    Player: hint
    Tom: The leader of a party has the option to distribute gathered experience among all players in the party. If you are the leader, right-click on yourself and select ‘Enable Shared Experience’.
    Player: hint
    Tom: There is nothing more I can tell you. If you are still in need of some hints, I can repeat them for you.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Tom: Good hunting, son.

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