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    Player: hi / hello
    Tony: Hello. Unless you have official business or want to pass the gate, please move on.
    Player: alchemist quarter
    Tony: Uhm… I’m glad I don’t have to guard the gate between alchemist quarter and arena quarter. You know… all that acid and fume… can’t be healthy.
    Player: arena quarter
    Tony: That side of the gate can be a little scary… all those animal roaring at night… and the gladiators can be even worse.
    Player: augur
    Tony: They are also our superiors… but lower in rank than the Yalahari.
    Player: cemetery quarter
    Tony: Now that’s spooky… undead roaming around at nighttime and sometimes even at daytime… I don’t set a foot there if I don’t have to.
    Player: factory quarter
    Tony: Err… I have a rust allergy. It makes my nose tickle to go there.
    Player: fenrock
    Tony: I heard there’s some snow there… I would love to go there some day.
    Player: foreign quarter
    Tony: I think some people there are not bad at all. Sometimes they visit me at the gate and ask me how I am.
    Player: island
    Tony: This city has a few surrounding islands… but no official ship route is going there. Mistrock… Fenrock… and err… Vengoth, as far as I know.
    Player: job / official
    Tony: Uhm, private first class of the Yalaharian Guard Force. <salutes clumsily>
    Player: magician quarter
    Tony: I don’t like going there… and I think magicians consider themselves so wise and educated that they look down on normal people like you and me.
    Player: mission
    Tony: Mission? Eh? I don’t know anything about any mission. What do you want from me?
    Player: mistrock
    Tony: That island is covered in mist. I’ve never been there. Someone in the foreign quarter told me something about it once… but I forgot what he said.
    Player: name
    Tony: I’m Tony.
    Player: pass / gate
    Tony: Uh, you want to pass the gate? Are you headed for the arena or the foreign quarter?
    Player: quarter
    Tony: Uhm, there are many quarters. I think… about eight. My duty is to guard the gate between the arena quarter and the… err… foreign quarter.
    Player: random word
    Tony: Sorry… but uhm… please move on, I actually shouldn’t chat with you.
    Player: sunken quarter
    Tony: Mh… a really tragic story… a whole quarter of the city broke down and fell into the ocean.
    Player: trade quarter
    Tony: The former trade quarter is under the wing of Mr. West. He can be intimidating…
    Player: vengoth
    Tony: There are really bad rumours about this place. I don’t want to find out if they are true.
    Player: Yalahar
    Tony: This city has a lot of problems… <scratches head> … and a few surrounding islands.
    Player: bye
    Tony: Goodbye citizen!

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