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    Player: hi / hello
    Torence: Uhh, rather don’t talk to me, it’ll get me into trouble.
    Player: distillery
    Torence: There’s a large distillery in the south of Liberty Bay. As we speak, Liberty Bay’s rum is starting to become famous all over Tibia.
    Player: fire bug
    Torence: You don’t know what a fire bug is? It’s a little magical insect setting everything on fire that it touches. Strange and somewhat dangerous creature, but very useful.
    Player: free town
    Torence: You mean Summerhaven? That was our town originally located where Liberty Bay is now.
    Player: governor
    Torence: Sometimes I wonder if that man has any idea what’s going on behind his back. Even the slum people know.
    Player: harvest
    Torence: To harvest sugar cane first the useless leaves have to be burnt away. The remaining stalks are cut and brought into the distillery.
    Player: how are you
    Torence: Wow, been ages since someone asked me that. My back is usually aching and inhaling all this smoke is not actually healthy either, but I guess I could be worse.
    Player: leaves / burn
    Torence: Oh no, you can’t use a normal torch to burn these leaves. It’s more efficient to use a fire bug.
    Player: Liberty Bay
    Torence: Such irony to have a city called Liberty Bay built on the ruins of a free town.
    Player: name
    Torence: My name is Torence. It’s really sad that you sort of lose your identity as a harvester. Same work, same dress code.
    Player: random word
    Torence: Please, I really gotta work and don’t have time for smalltalk.
    Player: sell
    Torence: Sorry mate, not allowed to sell you anything. The sugar cane I harvest and the rum I distill are property of Liberty Bay.
    Player: slum
    Torence: Just because we’re poor and forced to live in shanties that doesn’t mean we have lost our pride. I prefer this life to being a rich pig living on the back of others.
    Player: sugar cane
    Torence: Sugar cane is what made Vandura rich… or at least the people claiming it for themselves.
    Player: Summerhaven
    Torence: Ahh… I miss it.
    Player: talk / job
    Torence: Oh well… as you can see I harvest sugar cane. Not as if I ever wanted to be one. It’s all due to the war.
    Player: Vandura
    Torence: The name of this island.
    Player: venore / thais
    Torence: Thais, Venore… all the same. Greedy for power and wealth.
    Player: war
    Torence: That’s a long story. There was a time when Vandura used to be free and Liberty Bay didn’t even exist. I fought in the war for Vandura, but we had no chance against the united power of Thais and Venore.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Torence: Long live the governor… or so.

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