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    Player: Hi
    Turvy: Hello, dear Player. Can I be of any assistance? Just tell me if you’d like to trade weapons or armor.
    Player: Name
    Turvy: Some call me Turvy. Actually, everybody calls me Turvy.
    Player: Job
    Turvy: It is an absolute honour to provide weaponry and armor to the courageous adventurers of Thais, just so long as you have the gold to pay for it.
    Player: Provide/Offer/Armor/Shields/Legs/Helmets/Stuff/Trousers
    Turvy: My offers are weapons, armors, helmets, legs, and shields. If you’d like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
    Player: Magic
    Turvy: Magic is a thing of the past. Why bother with a colourful bit of rock and a few fancy words when you can have a foot of razor-sharp steel in your hand?!
    Player: Gamon
    Turvy: Shhh! He’s a spy! He watches us all the time! Just keep smiling and he’ll go away!
    Player: Eclesius
    Turvy: There’s always some gossip on the street about him. I’ve never met him in person though. I guess he doesn’t need many weapons.
    Player: Chester
    Turvy: I have never heard any rumours concerning him, isn’t that odd?
    Player: Rumours/Gossip/News
    Turvy: You know a rumour? Well then – don’t keep it to yourself.
    Player: Random word
    Turvy: Go on! I can’t wait to hear more!
    Player: King
    Turvy: Ah, yes, yes, hail to King Tibianus! May he in his infinite wisdom reduce my taxes… and so on…
    Player: Thais
    Turvy: Thais is OK – I suppose. Not as nice as Venore, but good for business.
    Player: Venore
    Turvy: Ah… Venore – a wonderful city! Full of culture! So many friendly faces! So unlike Thais!
    Player: Carlin
    Turvy: Those women really know how to run things – look at how well the trade is going there!
    Player: Ab’dendriel
    Turvy: Aah… a beautiful leafy city. Shame about the elves.
    Player: Elves
    Turvy: Elves are good with a bow and arrow, or so I am told. Shame that they are no good at peace-making.
    Player: Time
    Turvy: It is nearly time for my afternoon nap, so please hurry!
    Player: Help
    Turvy: Help to self-help – that is my motto.
    Player: Sam
    Turvy: A simple shopkeeper, who was last in the queue when they were handing out intelligence.
    Player: God
    Turvy: The Gods of Tibia play games with the fate of Tibians – but they haven’t bothered to read the instructions.
    Player: Weapons
    Turvy: The word on the street is that Sam does not forge all his weapons himself, but buys them from his cousin, who is married to a cyclops.
    Player: Sewer
    Turvy: It is very effective, but attracts almost as many wannabe heroes as it does rats.
    Player: Annoying
    Turvy: Oh gosh – I could tell you some stories. But I won’t.
    Player: Ardua
    Turvy: Well – she isn’t really my kind of person. Please don’t mention her name again.
    Player: Spells
    Turvy: Spells – dodgy mumbo jumbo if you ask me. A sword never backfires on its user!
    Player: Assistant
    Turvy: I am not a mere assistant! I have a job of great responsibility! But mostly I keep annoying personages away from my boss.
    Player: Benjamin
    Turvy: Ah, such a shame about poor Benjamin. Lost it a bit after receiving one too many blows to the head.
    Player: Bozo
    Turvy: Bozo – such a tragic story. If only I could remember it.
    Player: Quest
    Turvy: Hmmm yes. I think Topsy might have something for you.
    Player: Power
    Turvy: There are people who talk about a rebellion against King Tibianus.
    Player: Dungeon
    Turvy: If you want to see dungeons go and insult the guards. On second thoughts – don’t do that.
    Player: Dwarf
    Turvy: I don’t know much about them – there are some civilised dwarves, of course, but I can never tell whether they are male or female.
    Player: Elane
    Turvy: A true tragedy – she has lost so many husbands in such unusual circumstances.
    Player: Gamel
    Turvy: Some sinister guy that is. He’s not allowed to enter that markethall and that’s for a good reason.
    Player: Gorn
    Turvy: He does a good line in second-rate scrolls for first-rate prices.
    Player: How are you?
    Turvy: I’m just fine and dandy, thank you for asking.
    Player: Kazordoon
    Turvy: You need to shrink before you go there – they say the dwarves aren’t too keen on sharing their mountain with us Tibians.
    Player: Monster
    Turvy: There is a monster here? HERE?! Time to double the prices!
    Player: Partos
    Turvy: Some thief they caught for all I know.
    Player: Quentin
    Turvy: You can’t teach an old monk new tricks. He is stubborn to the extreme and overly concerned about Thais. He should care more about his gods and less about that king.
    Player: Rebellion
    Turvy: Well, Venore is richer than Thais, and some people want to live in a democracy free from an oppressive tyrant – I mean monarch. I’m not one of them.
    Player: Thank you
    Turvy: So polite . . . bless you!
    Player: Trade
    Turvy: Of course, just browse through my wares.
    Player: Bye/Farewell
    Turvy: Good bye, Player. Do come again!

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