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    I remember that back in 2012 or 2013 I read some very interesting posts on Gameplay section of the forum on

    There was someone, probably a bosshunter, explaining how he predicts the midnight panther spawn by observing the butterflies in 3 respawn places. I can’t remember what exactly he was doing. Maybe the point was that there were more butterflies than normal and that could indicate the day when panther should appear.
    I’ve never managed to confirm or bust this theory.

    The same bosshunter wrote about his another way to predict undead cavebears respawn. It was somehow connected to “some skulls” hanging on the walls of the Lich Hell. The same as with butterflies – there was something about the number of skulls which could change and indicate the right day.


    We’re looking forward to your opinions. Do you think these theories are true? Maybe it will be you to finally confirm or bust them.

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    I’m just back on Tibia, started back in 2004, I felt it would be fun to start again not worrying about power levelling anymore. My point is, I have been enjoying along with other fan sites and Boss hunting is really catching my interest. Keep up!

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    Thanks for the kind words Notubu.

    Sure, if you feel that you would like to come back – I encourage you to do it. There are plenty of activities besides lvling. 🙂

    Bosshunting, market-trading, real estate-trading, mystery-hunting are just a few examples. Ther is still so much to discover…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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