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    Player: hi / hello
    Woblin: Hi there human!
    Player: fish
    Woblin: Fish good. Fish quiet and tasty. Woblin try to catch Old Nasty, but… hm you could earn yourself reward!
    Player: old nasty
    Woblin: You bring me Old Nasty?
    Player: yes
    Woblin: You have not Old Nasty! Odd, you stink just like him though!
    Player: old nasty
    Woblin: You bring me Old Nasty?
    Player: no
    Woblin: No waste time of Woblin, foolish human!
    Player: key / precious
    Woblin: Me not give key! Key my precious now! By old goblin law all that one has in his pockets for two days is family heirloom! Me no part with my precious … hm unless you provide Woblin with some reward!
    Player: goblin
    Woblin: No part of clan. Me prefer company of precious. Or mirror image. Always nice to see pretty me!
    Player: reward
    Woblin: Me good angler but one fish eludes me since many many weeks. I call fish ‘Old Nasty’. You might catch him in this cave, in that pond there. Bring me Old Nasty and I’ll give you key!
    Player: quest
    Woblin: What you on quest for? Go leave Woblin alone with precious.
    Player: mino
    Woblin: Me not like minos either. Huge mean bullies! Woblin peaceful here.
    Player: troll
    Woblin: Me not like trolls. Big furry stinky trolls!
    Player: cyclop
    Woblin: Ugly stomping giants, always busy hammering stone.
    Player: dwarf
    Woblin: Mean short people, make Woblin’s clan do slave work for them.
    Player: bye
    Woblin: Bye, bye!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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