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    Player: Hi
    Wyrdin: Hello, what brings you here?
    Player: Here/Job
    Wyrdin: I’m responsible for compiling new knowledge for our academy. In this position I often assign missions to daring adventurers.
    Player: Academy
    Wyrdin: The academy is the foremost facility of research and study in the kingdom. Nothing in the known world rivals the amount of knowledge we’ve accumulated here. Only the library of the White Raven Monastery comes close.
    Player: Kingdom
    Wyrdin: The king is an avid supporter of science.
    Player: Name
    Wyrdin: I’m Wyrdin, researcher and librarian.
    Player: Edron
    Wyrdin: There is still much that needs to be done before Edron can be called a peaceful place, and I’m convinced there are still many secrets hidden here that need to be unearthed.
    Player: Excalibug
    Wyrdin: Sorry, this is not my area of expertise. I believe it is better to be quiet if you know nothing of what you are talking about.
    Player: Thais
    Wyrdin: Thais is way too loud and distracting for carrying out decent research.
    Player: Time
    Wyrdin: It’s 8:27 pm right now.
    Player: Curse/Were
    Wyrdin: The Curse of the Full Moon, huh? I’m sorry, curses are not my subject, no. You could ask Sandra, she might know something.
    Player: Descryption/Encrypted
    Wyrdin: I am familiar with several encrypting techniques. If you find something that has been encrypted I’d love to take a look at it.
    Player: Mission/Research notes
    Wyrdin: You’ve already delivered the research notes.
    Player: Bye
    Wyrdin: Good luck on your travels, Haishen.

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