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    NPC: Xelvar

    Player: Job
    Xelvar: Right now I am sort of recruiting people.

    Player: recruiting
    Xelvar: I told you basically everything you have to know about the gnomes.

    Xelvar: So here we go.

    Player: Gnomes
    Xelvar: The gnomes preferred to keep our alliance and their whole existence a secret. They are a bit distrustful of others. …
    Xelvar: They are quite self-sufficient and the fact that they are actually accepting some help is more than alarming. The gnomes are in real trouble and I am kind of an ambassador to find some people willing to help.

    Player: existence
    Xelvar: Gnomes … ah. You will see for yourself. You will need some good nerves though, I’m warning you. But I have to admit those gnomes are a capable lot and valuable allies. Their incredible self-esteem sometimes is irritating though. …
    Xelvar: I guess though you’d need such a mindset to survive in an environment as they are living in. Don’t underestimate them ever. I have seen some of the things the gnomes have fought and they have fought them for centuries. …
    Xelvar: I have to admit that even dwarfs would be hard pressed to best such foes and circumstances.

    Player: Help
    Xelvar: The gnomes are locked in a war with an enemy that thins out their resources but foremost their manpower. We have suggested that people like you could be just the specialists they are looking for. …
    Xelvar: If you are interested to join the gnomish cause I can arrange a meeting with their recruiter.

    Player: Join
    Xelvar: I already gave you instructions and teleport crystals. Now be on your way.

    Player: Lost
    Xelvar: The lost are a dire burden to our hearts. In the time of struggles when our whole race was threatened with extinction, we travelled under the great old one for protection. The journey was dangerous and long. …
    Xelvar: During our travels several dwarfs were lost. Some even disagreed with our course and suggested a seemingly less dangerous path. Well I can’t tell what happened to most of them. …
    Xelvar: What we do know is that there are at least two other factions of dwarfs remaining. …
    Xelvar: For one there are those of Beregar who still claim to be the ‘true’ dwarfs and that we are a mere splinter group of their stronghold, which is entirely wrong and disproven by our records. Then there are the lost. …
    Xelvar: Well here I have to speculate what has happened. One possibility is, that the lost are another group that chose another path in the great march. They might have hidden for a while before they fell prey to their future slavers. …
    Xelvar: Another possibility is that those dwarfs that later defected to the city of Beregar were no story made up by the Beregar dwarfs to justify their claims, …
    Xelvar: but they actually existed and it was them who were enslaved by those who the gnomes call ‘those below’. …
    Xelvar: Whoever their ancestors were, now they are deranged slaves that only physically resemble dwarfs. They have become … something different. …
    Xelvar: Their eyes are dead and they even behave like some undead. In battle they turn into almost mindless killing machines. They know no mercy, neither do they expect some. …
    Xelvar: They are truly the lost in more than one meaning. I pity them enough to gladly end their miserable existence whenever possible.

    Player: Slavers
    Xelvar: Sorry you will have to ask the gnomes on that topic and even they seem to know only some vague things about them.

    Player: No
    Xelvar: Ok, come back if you changed your mind.

    Player: Old
    Xelvar: Our races have known each other for centuries. We encountered each other sometimes when in the depth of the earth. Some of those meetings played out nasty. …
    Xelvar: We later learned that the gnomes had encountered the lost and fought fierce battles against them. Of course they would assume that we are in league with their enemies. …
    Xelvar: Eventually we managed to end this misunderstanding. But that is a story to be told another time.

    Player: Bigfoot
    Xelvar: On my suggestion the gnomes reluctantly agreed to acquire the help of some adventurers. They are trying to gather some kind of brigade. After all this scepticism I faced, I am somewhat at loss at the enthusiasm the gnomes show towards this idea now. …
    Xelvar: But this is the gnomish way it seems. If they do something they do it with dedication and they do not do things by half it seems.

    Player: Alliance
    Xelvar: Our alliance is an old one, though only based on exchange of equipment so far. Admittedly the gnomes work wonders with crystals and mushrooms, but they are at a loss when it comes to working metal. …
    Xelvar: If we combine our knowledge in some effective way, who knows what wonders might spawn some day.

    Player: Spike
    Xelvar: The Spike is a different branch of the gnomish operations. You might volunteer there without great formalities. …
    Xelvar: It’s a strange marvel of gnomish crystal growing techniques. They are kind of running into too much trouble to handle it on their own and need help of heroes experienced and greenhorns.

    Player: Partner
    Xelvar: I guess the time of secrecy is over now. Well, we have an old alliance with another underground dwelling race, the gnomes.

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