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    NPC: Xorlosh

    Note: Transcription made after completing all missions in Beregar.

    Player: hi / hiho / hello
    Xorlosh: Who are you? Are you a genius in mechanics? You don’t look like one.
    Player: beer
    Xorlosh: Go ask Grombur, he always has a cask at his side.
    Player: Beregar
    Xorlosh: Our great citadel is a masterpiece of dwarven workmanship. I’m afraid only dwarfs are allowed to enter the deeper parts of the city.
    Player: book
    Xorlosh: The book about tunnelling is in the library which is located in the north eastern wing of Beregar city.
    Player: busy / elevator
    Xorlosh: Some son of a rotworm put WAY too much stuff in this elevator and now it’s broken. I could do with some help to fix it.
    Player: Frafnar
    Xorlosh: To be honest….he goes on and on and on about his romantic issues. It’s getting annoying.
    Player: gear wheels
    Xorlosh: They are crooked. I could do with some help to fix them.
    Player: Grombur
    Xorlosh: He’s not a bad guy. He knows how to drink, he’s strong and… well, he’s a dwarf like me and y… err… just like me.
    Player: job
    Xorlosh: Best mechanic in town.
    Player: mechanic
    Xorlosh: I’d love to chat with you about the high art of mechanics but I’m too busy.
    Player: mine
    Xorlosh: It’s a crystal mine. Very rare crystals can be found here. We mine them and produce all kind of precious things out of them. Well, not me. I’m too clumsy for that kind of work so they promoted me to a guard! …
    Xorlosh: I’m a good guard, no one without permission is allowed to enter.
    Player: mission / quest
    Xorlosh: Hehe, they don’t expect me to be done so quickly, so I PRETEND I’m not ready yet. Hrhrhrhr.
    Player: rehal
    Xorlosh: He’s a great emperor. You’ll find him on his throne in the citadel.
    Player: Rerun
    Xorlosh: Haven’t seen him for a while. Maybe he’s in one of the mines.
    Player: tunnel / emperor / problem
    Xorlosh: There should be a book in our library about tunnelling. I don’t have that much time to talk to you about that. …
    Xorlosh: If you want to have some information, you’ll just have to find that book. If you need some equipment, go ask Harog. You’ll find the library in the north eastern wing of Beregar city.
    Player: bye
    Xorlosh: Alright, back to work.

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