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    Player: hi / hello
    Zarak: Greetingsss, Player. What do you want?
    Player: alchemist quarter
    Zarak: If you want to die by a plague, jussst go there!
    Player: arena quarter
    Zarak: The gladiatorsss know to fight, but they don’t know how to battle.
    Player: blood crystal
    Zarak: A true warrior doesssn’t need jewellery.
    Player: druid
    Zarak: They try to massster the powersss of nature, but they fail to sssee the sssnake in the grasss.
    Player: excalibug
    Zarak: The great ssserpent wouldn’t allow that sssuch a weapon exisssted.
    Player: factory quarter
    Zarak: I don’t mind that thisss ssstinking factoriesss are out of busssinesss.
    Player: foreign quarter
    Zarak: What a foolish idea to open the city for the enemy!
    Player: job
    Zarak: I teach the artsss of the warrior. I know ssseveral ssspellsss I might ssshare with a worthy knight.
    Player: knight
    Zarak: What you clumsssy humannsss call fighting looksss asss akwardly asss a bear trying to catch a fly. True warriorsss fight with ssskill rather than with power.
    Player: magic
    Zarak: Magic isss a tool of the godsss. Only holy men are allowed to wield sssuch power. You humansss play way too freely with magic.
    Player: magician quarter
    Zarak: Sssoft ssskinned humansss are to obsssessed with magic.
    Player: news
    Zarak: A wind of change isss blowing in Yalahar.
    Player: palimuth
    Zarak: Sssoft and without pride. The choice of a ssservant tellsss much about itsss massster.
    Player: serpent
    Zarak: Your warm-blooded brain can’t comprehend the waysss of the great ssserpent.
    Player: sorcerer
    Zarak: They dabble with powersss far older than their art. One day thisss power will ssswallow them all.
    Player: spell
    Zarak: Sorry, I don’t teach spells for your vocation.
    Player: spellbook
    Zarak: In a ssspellbook, your ssspells are lisssted. You will find the pronunciation of each ssspell in there.
    Player: sunken quarter
    Zarak: Now the quara rule at a place which once belonged to the city.
    Player: tibia
    Zarak: The world is nothing but an egg of the great ssserpent.
    Player: vocation
    Zarak: Your vocation isss your professsion. There are four vocationsss in Tibia: knightsss, paladinsss, sssorcerersss, and druidsss.
    Player: weapon
    Zarak: You sssoft ssskinsss rely too much on armor and weaponsss. A true warrior usssesss hisss whole body asss a weapon.
    Player: yalahar
    Zarak: My people know a lot about lossst greatnesss. Ssstill, don’t expect to sssee me mourning.
    Player: yalahari
    Zarak: They can’t hide under their rock forever. Asss sssoon asss they leave their shelter, the predatorsss will ssstrike.
    Player: bye / farewell
    Zarak: We’ll meet again.

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