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    Player: hi / hello
    Znozel: Hi there. Welcome to me gold storage called bank.
    Player: name
    Znozel: Me Znozel the great goblin banker!
    Player: job
    Znozel: Me great good banker! Me smart and honey .. no wait I mean horrible .. no, no honest I am! Yes, yes! Money give, give to honest goblin! Uhhh so shiny coins!
    Player: yalahar
    Znozel: Me came here to plunder. Old banker hired me. When dragon eats banker for must waiting in line I taking over everything!
    Player: vampire
    Znozel: Where? WHERE?! HELP! Protect my gold!
    Player: yalahari
    Znozel: Taxes, taxes! Always government is harassing harmless little goblins!
    Player: buy / sell / offer / do you have
    Znozel: We can change money for you. You can also access your bank account or your guild account options.
    Player: alchemist quarter
    Znozel: It gone BOOOM! Yes, yes! No good going there.
    Player: arena quarter
    Znozel: Big humans there are mean. Big beasts even worse!
    Player: foreign quarter
    Znozel: Others there only bully little goblins around.
    Player: sunken quarter
    Znozel: Me did not break it! Honest! Was broke as I came!
    Player: magician quarter
    Znozel: Spooky guys are not good for business.
    Player: factory quarter
    Znozel: Many humans there. Seldom come here to trade.
    Player: trade quarter
    Znozel: This West human not too bad is. He great trader, strong chieftain.
    Player: blood crystal
    Znozel: Oooooooooh shiny shiny shiny shiny!! Give me!!
    Player: cookie
    Znozel: Me only take cookie if it’s golden. Ehehehe.
    Player: goblin
    Znozel: Goblins not bankers usually. But great love everything shiny. Yes. Yes.
    Player: bank
    Znozel: Me do good job! Me honest goblin for sure! Me that honest other goblin call me mad! Imagine!
    Player: bored
    Znozel: Okay okay, no need to be rude! It seems you are already know everything.
    Player: dragon
    Znozel: Banker rule number one: Dragons are always served first!
    Player: money
    Znozel: Just give good goblin all your money. Me making us both rich. Trust! Trust!
    Player: advanced
    Znozel: Your bank account will be used automatically when you want to rent a house or place an offer on an item on the market. Let me know if you want to know about how either one works.
    Player: balance
    Znozel: Wow, you have reached the magic number of a million gp!!! Your account balance is 59729991 gold!
    Player: basic
    Znozel: You can check the balance of your bank account, deposit money or withdraw it. You can also transfer money to other characters, provided that that they have a vocation and are not on Dawnport.
    Player: change
    Znozel: There are three different coin types in Tibia: 100 gold coins equal 1 platinum coin, 100 platinum coins equal 1 crystal coin. So if you’d like to change 100 gold into 1 platinum, simply say ‘change gold’ and then ‘1 platinum’.
    Player: change crystal
    Znozel: How many crystal coins would you like to change into platinum?
    Player: change gold
    Znozel: How many platinum coins would you like to get?
    Player: change platinum
    Znozel: Would you like to change your platinum coins into gold or crystal?
    Player: deposit
    Znozel: You don’t have any gold with you.
    Player: guild
    Znozel: You can transfer money from your account to the account of a guild via player guild transfer. If you are a member of a guild, you can deposit money on its account via guild deposit. …
    Znozel: If you are leader or vice leader of a guild, you can also withdraw gold from your guild account via guild withdraw or use a guild transfer to transfer money from your guild to another guild. …
    Znozel: As a leader or vice leader of a guild you can also transfer money from your guild account to a player account via guild player transfer. …
    Znozel: Please keep in mind that we may need some time to process such requests.
    Player: guild deposit
    Znozel: You are not a member of a guild.
    Player: guild player transfer
    Znozel: I am sorry but it seems you are currently not in any guild.
    Player: guild transfer
    Znozel: I am sorry but it seems you are currently not in any guild.
    Player: guild withdraw
    Znozel: I am sorry but it seems you are currently not in any guild.
    Player: market
    Znozel: If you buy an item from the market, the required gold will be deducted from your bank account automatically. On the other hand, money you earn for selling items via the market will be added to your account. It’s easy!
    Player: rent
    Znozel: Renting a house has never been this easy. Simply make a bid for an auction on the house section of the official Tibia website. We will check immediately if you have enough money …
    Znozel: Please keep in mind that the sum you have used to bid will be unavailable unless somebody places a higher bid. Once you have acquired a house the rent will be charged automatically from your bank account every month.
    Player: transfer
    Znozel: Please tell me the amount of gold you would like to transfer.
    Player: withdraw
    Znozel: Please tell me how much gold you would like to withdraw.
    Player: bank account
    Znozel: Every Tibian has one. The big advantage is that you can access your money in every branch of the Tibian Bank! …
    Znozel: Would you like to know more about the basic functions of your bank account, the advanced functions, or are you already bored, perhaps?
    Player: bye / farewell
    Znozel: Bye, bye. You gold safe at here, Mogh. <snickers>!

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