Hidden passage from Bergar to Kazordoon has been found!

Rosk Roll from Bona confirmed what we have suspected for years – the secret tunnel from Beregar to Kazordoon really exists.

What exactly happened? Rosk Roll was in the middle of doing The Hidden City of Beregar Quest when it turned out that one of the wagons, which usually takes us back to Beregar, worked differently. The player was teleported to a previously inaccessible room in Kazordoon and unlocked the achievement “Unlikely Pathfinder”.

Mirius, member of our team, was the one who helped to recognise the significance of the discovery and made it public. According to CM, the achievement was available earlier and was not bugged. A recent patch unintentionally made it trivially easy to get.

We have our own theory as to how this passage was originally discovered. We think it could have been unlocked before by using a wagon and the same path, but it must have been extremely rare – like once every 1000 tries.

We have been investigating Beregar and also the secret tunnel issue for a very long time. The article Beregar – into the unknown, is a summary of part of our work.

A large part of the mystery has been uncovered, but not all. The quest is still not finished. Will this discovery push the case forward? Time will tell.

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