League of Explorers – additional prizes added!

We have great news for you! The prize pool in the first edition of the League of Explorers has been increased from 4 to as many as 10! We sincerely thank Community Management for their approval.

Due to the huge number of participants in the contest (over 400 as of now!), we have also worked out a new plan for the distribution of prizes, in order to satisfy everyone. We expect a tie for first place, and it’s possible that there will be dozens of winners. Therefore, as stated in the rules, the winners of the grand prizes will be selected by lottery.

In case the contest has to be resolved by a lottery/lotteries, the plan is as follows.

1. First, we will draw the podium (3 main prizes) for people who scored the maximum points (3000).

2. Then we will draw 2x Badges of Glory among those who scored 2000-3000 points. People who won one of the 3 main prizes do not take part in this lottery. We would additionally like to honour players who for some reason did not manage to keep the maximum number of points, but stayed in the game with a high score.

3. Next, we will draw 5 Golden Rune Emblems among people who scored 300-3000 points. People who won one of the 3 main prizes or medals do not take part in this lottery.

It may seem a little bit complicated so here’s an additional visualization of the process:

Final set of prizes for the 1st edition:

1st place: Yellow Rose + Champion’s cup

2nd place: Wooden Whistle + Silver cup of honour

3rd place: Stuffed toad + Bronze cup of honour

Score 2000-3000: two Badges of Glory to be raffled

Score 300-3000: five Golden Rune Emblems of choice to be raffled


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June 20, 2022
Olá, gostei bastante do evento, mas sinceramente, eu espera algo muito mais desafiador do que está sendo. Basicamente, é ir até o local, dar look e responder. Isso não é um enigma. Honestamente, espera algo mais dificil de ser concluído. E já estamos no 15 dia.

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