League of Explorers – summary of the 1st edition


The first edition of our contest has come to an end. We would like to thank you for the fun and valuable feedback we have received from you. You can be sure that the next edition will be much better – we have already started planning it. Expect it later this year! And be prepared for an increased level of difficulty – we will not let you down.

The League of Explorers is without a doubt a great success. The unusual form of the competition, with its emphasis on interactivity and unique, dedicated infrastructure, has made it one of the largest competitions ever held by Tibian fansites.

Here are the most interesting statistics about this edition:

  • 430 accounts created
  • 342 players who answered at least 1 riddle
  • 85 players who reached a maximum amount of points – 3000
  • 11 accounts were disqualified for breaking the rules of the competition
  • 35 unique riddles that took more than 2 months to prepare
  • Lowest lvl that participated – 9 (disqualified)
  • Highest lvl that participated – 1995

The riddles that caused the most trouble:

  • Furs in Ragnir camp
  • Golden-haired maiden tomb under Drefia
  • Frozen monster on Vega
  • Shadowy statue on Drefia

Many of you have asked for a full list of riddles and answers to be published. For this purpose, we have created a special topic in our forum, where you will find them all, together with screenshots:


Thank you once again for the hundreds of you who decided to take part and we cordially invite you to the next edition!

TibiaSecrets Team


July 26, 2022
Eduarda Silva
July 27, 2022
This was definitely a one-of-its-kind event! I see it as the beginning of something that, with some improvements, will become part of our Tibian events calendar for good! Congratulations for the whole organization!

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