League of Explorers

League of Explorers


We invite you to join us on an unforgettable adventure. League of Explorers is a quiz game that is inseparably connected with Tibia. Explore the world of the game with us. Explore the areas and find out interesting facts. At the end of the league, great prizes will be drawn for the best explorers. Will you accept the challenge and complete tasks every day? Show what you can do. Show that you are the best explorer in the game!

League of Explorers is a browser quiz game that requires you to play Tibia at the same time. The task that you receive in the league usually requires you to check something in Tibia. If you answer the quiz question correctly then you earn score points. League is a game that encourages players to explore Tibia and learn its secrets and curiosities.

Thanks to Cipsoft, the creators of Tibia, there are great prizes waiting for the best explorers, which after the end of the league will be drawn among the best explorers. More information can be found in the rules section.

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