League of Explorers

League of Explorers


We invite you to participate in a unique competition, where you have to demonstrate perseverance, knowledge and a passion for travel. The first edition of the League of Explorers is not only great fun, but also the opportunity to win great prizes.

1. The minimum level required to participate in the competition is 100. If your level is lower than 100, you can participate in the competition if you have at least 100 achievement points on your registered character.

2. Competition lasts 30 days. From 06.06.2022 00:00:00 CEST to 05.07.2022 23:59:59 CEST.

3. There will be a 3 day registration period to allow you to create an account for the competition in advance. Registration will also be possible during the competition.

4. The competition will consist of 30 questions/tasks drawn from a pool for each player individually. Each player can answer 1 question per day. The period of one day is counted from 0:00 CEST to 23:59 CEST.

5. After 30 days, the results available in the public ranking will be summarised. In case of ties on any of the first 3 places - we will settle them by lottery using a tool available on Tibiopedia.pl. If there are more than two runners-up (three or more) - 3 grand prizes will be drawn among them.

6. PACC is not required to take part in the competition, but it may be necessary for many tasks.

7. An incorrect answer to a puzzle is punished with a time penalty of 2 hours. During this penalty the player will not be able to answer the riddle again.

8. If a player does not answer a puzzle in one day, the next day the same puzzle will still be waiting for him.

9. The use of multiple accounts is forbidden - TibiaSecrets team will monitor the situation.

10. Any detected attempt to cheat will be punished by disqualification from the current and all future TibiaSecrets competitions.

11. It is forbidden to spoil the content of the riddles or answers to other participants of the competition or to anyone else.

12. The rules of the contest will be available on the dedicated page and on TibiaSecrets Discord. There will also be a dedicated channel on Discord for questions about the competition.

13. The contest infrastructure, tasks and rules are available only in English.

14. TibiaSecrets team members cannot participate in the competition.

15. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend or (in extreme cases) cancel the competition due to technical difficulties.

16. If you would like to submit any protests, concerns or reports of technical problems, please send them to tibiasecrets.com@gmail.com.

17. If you sell the character you used to activate your account before the end of the competition, you will be disqualified.

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