Rare bosses and possibly unknown loots


Have you ever wondered if the loot of known, rare bosses is fully known? This is something that drives many boss and mystery hunters. Let’s take a look at some interesting discoveries throughout the years, analyze the stats and try to answer this question.


Confirmed discoveries

We have several examples of loots discovered years after implementing bosses to the game. We will focus on 3 of them, two fairly new and one quite old. We will use the boss kill statistics from guildstats.eu – they’re very useful.

  1.  Mr. Punish

Well-known PoI boss added in 2006. Ravager’s axe seemed to be his most rare loot – it also was discovered after quite some time.

But surprisingly, 13 years after implementation, a new loot was discovered by Tynusiiaa. She looted an impaler, which may not be that valuable, but is inarguably the rarest loot of this boss.

Stats: 1787 bosses killed since 2015. We can assume that about 5000 bosses were killed overall. It would mean that impaler’s drop rate is 1/5000 or 1/10.000. Astonishing. It gives us an idea of the possibilities among other bosses.

2. Ashmunrah

The mightiest of the pharaohs which we meet during Helmet of the Ancients Quest. Added to the game in 2004, but players used to avoid him due to his power and strong summons. For a very long time, it seemed that he doesn’t drop any rares.

4 years have passed until the incredible loot was finally discovered. It was one of the most valuable items in Tibia back then – Holy Scarab.

Guild Sparta Avengers looted it in 2008, so after 4 years of boss being in the game!


3. Yeti

The legend that Yeti drops remained unconfirmed for 15 years. Hunter of Dragoes, admin of TibiaWiki managed to loot them during the test server, after killing more than 100 yetis.

According to statistics – 2500 yetis were killed between 2015 and 2018 and approximately 10.000 yetis since its implementation to the game. The assumption that bunnyslippers drop rate is 1/1.000 appears valid.


Now, you should believe that great discoveries are possible, even after many years. So the question is – what should we do to discover these loots? Which bosses should we kill? Statistics will help us again. Are you curious yet?


Forgotten bosses – top 15

Some bosses are killed more seldom than others and this can be clearly seen in kill stats. We know that there are some impossibly rare loots in Tibia, where the drop rate is 1 per 10.000 kills. Examples are: looted from the witch and from war golem. It’s possible that bosses loot can be that rare. Let’s check which of them have the lowest number of kills, according to guildstats.

 1. The Mean Masher – 23 kills

 2. The Hungerer – 34 kills

 3. The Manhunter – 49 kills

Hive Outpost bosses are undoubtedly the rarest ones to be found in-game. Their overall number barely exceeds 100. With that low number of kills and the fact that screenshots of these bosses are rarely published, we can safely assume that their loot and rares are yet to be discovered. It’s worth mentioning that the first screenshot of The Hungerer was revealed just a few months ago! Tibiasecrets team was the first one to see its appearance and Wrap Man with his team from Adria were the first ones to make a screenshot of it. The boss itself is mysterious, so just think of all the totally unknown loot.

 4. Shadows of Marziel, Lersatio and Boreth – 82, 89, 108 kills respectively

Their appearance and way to make them appear were revealed not long ago, by our team member Haishen. They’re incredibly rare but unfortunately doesn’t drop any loot.

5. Mahatheb – 284 kills

Boss added in 2015. It took 2 years until the screenshots of him were revealed. His tomb was heavily botted back then, so probably the majority of kills and loots were unnoticed. This boss has a great potential to drop something unique like or

6. Ancient Spawn of Morgathla – 314 kills

This boss is a part of Dangerous Depths Quest, but requires a team and a few prerequisites to get the chance to kill it. While it drops parts of a gnome set, which are very valuable, the low number of kills may indicate some unknown items( maybe ), yet to be dropped. Additionally, Morgathla is related to pharaohs in Ankrahmun and the secret of the mystic soul ruby (to make enchanted forever).

7.  Foreman Kneebiter – 333 kills

Dwarven boss, rarely being killed, due to his distant spawn location. If he has loot with a drop chance 1/500 or 1/1000 then… Unobtainable native armor – looks like it could be used by a dwarf.

8. Smuggler Baron Silvertoe – 404 kills

A situation similar to the one above. Regular smugglers can drop a deer trophy at a rate 1/1000. Their Baron should have something more interesting with him – that’s logical.

Interesting fact – there are rumours that he drops which are unobtainable as of now.

9. Big Boss Trolliver – 531 kills

Trolls were always quite important for players of Tibia and also some parts of the lore. Their bosses should drop something… Interesting.

10. Furyosa – 532 kills

What if is not her best loot?

11. Gravelord Oshuran – 698 kills

Rumoured to drop which was never seen in-game. Once again, if the drop rate is 1/1000, then it’s totally possible.

12. Dreadful Disruptor – 724 kills

His spawn mechanics were revealed by the co-founder of this site – Mogh. It’s believed that this boss (along with Burster) may drop one or all of these eggs:

13. Zarabustor – 737 kills

The mysterious leader of warlocks. That would be a total shame for him not to drop anything good. It’s hard to check him due to the long way to Demona, but imagine being the one to loot the unknown loot. Unfortunately, this boss usually drops literally nothing – just like a regular warlock, but we should keep trying.

There are rumours that he drops

14. Plasmother – 765 kills

It’s the least often killed PoI boss. But, as Mr.Punish confirmed, it probably also has something rare for us to discover. The Handmaiden case may be similar. I don’t know how about you, but I will start to check it now. 🙂

15. High Templar Cobrass – 782 kills

Regular lizards were not interesting creatures to hunt for years, therefore this boss gets killed really, really seldom. I wouldn’t write him off that easily, as according to TibiaWiki, he drops a which is already unusual, as no other creature drops it.

Other possibilities

We have just analyzed 15 bosses and the possibilities are already incredible. But I have to mention some other bosses which are also worth considering. For example The Last Lore Keeper, Barbaria and Tzumrah the Dazzler which have 16th, 17th, and 18th on the list. Also Yaga the Crone is very interesting – only 996 were killed. My theory is that it drops the with 10x higher rate than a regular witch, so that would be once per 1000 kills! I killed 25 Yagas so far, but no sight of a toad, unfortunately. I’m not giving up on proving my theory though.

You should also know that Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Morgaroth and Orshabaal were killed just 500 times each – what if they have super rare unknown drops? Maybe even is lootable somehow?

The list of unobtainable items is quite long. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that even half of them is actually obtainable. This is where 2 worlds – bosshunting and mystery-hunting merge into one.

Maybe it will be you to discover the unknown loot?


Remember to use the most reliable source of info about bosses and their respawn – Tibiabosses.


Multiple pages of Tibiabosses.com






February 28, 2021
Amazing read, fantastic!
Piejka Stary Wariat
February 28, 2021
Love your work, keep on posting!
February 28, 2021
I know about Impaler from MR.Punich few years ago, but i always want know if Plasmother and Handmaiden have rare loot. And back then when we had only boss like Ferumbras, i saw maybe 2-3 screenshots with Eagle shield from him. For me biggest mystery are Hive bosses, hope they will add rare loot to all bosses. Still waiting for Bosstiary ingame cipsoft!!
Dogras - Nefera
February 28, 2021
I would guess that all Pharaohs have their own unique and rare items. Like Ashmunrah has the Holy Scarab, Mahrdis has the Holy Falcon, and Vashresamun has the Ancient Tiara. My guess are: - The Ceremonial Mask (looks too much like the Ancient Helmet) - The Djinn Lamp (is quite known but noone has looted it, I think) And I would not be impressed if all this items united would bring back the Arkhothep mistery and, who knows, the Serpentine Tower. Thanks for posting! I will keep my research :)
Ishineon the First
March 1, 2021
Well, it's time for Mahatheb camping again I guess.
March 2, 2021
Good to see you here Monte :) I wish you good luck with your new Mahatheb reaserch.
Ishineon the First
March 2, 2021
79 vampires/7 bonebeasts yesterday. No luck so far! But I'll keep going!
March 1, 2021
I want to remaind you that Golden Hyeana Pendant was in game long before King Zelos was relased to game. https://tibiopedia.pl/forum/t/22076,Golden-Hyena-Pendant,1 Maybe Mahatheb will do something new if you wear HOTA or Hyena Pedant? Maybe it work like garlick on vampires?
March 1, 2021
That's a good point. They added hyaena pendant to Zelos' loot after 8 years since the implementation of the item to game. I'm not sure if we can affect the boss by wearing something, but it's possible that he drops the other pendant - scorpion.

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