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Vengoth Castle – once abandoned mansion, and now – a very grim place occupied by four brothers – Arthei, Marziel Lersatio and Boreth, who are cursed for centuries.


A long time ago, the island where the castle was built, was full of life. One of the brothers which we get to know throughout the Blood Brothers Quest – Marziel kept a diary where he described how the island started to change once the brothers settled in.

The water turned into mud, the grass turned its colour to brown and the trees started to lose their leaves. They didn’t want to talk about it, but they knew that it’s not a coincidence. It was all because of the curse which affected Arthei.

Before the brothers settled on Vengoth island, they lived for some time in the Alchemist Quarter of Yalahar.  They lived a hard, but peaceful life until one night, where a horrific explosion in the centre of the quarter shook the whole city. Arthei got seriously injured.

Everything is so strange… two nights ago the weirdest thing happened… I fell asleep during the night watch at my brother’s bed, must have been only for a few minutes, but when I opened my eyes, I saw a black… being… hovering over Arthei’s bed, getting closer and closer to him.

I wanted to jump to my feet and scream, but I was unable to move. All I could do was dig my nails into my own flesh. Then suddenly, the being looked directly into my eyes. I remember thinking ‘how strange’, because the creature had no face and thus no eyes, yet I knew that it was looking at me.

Then I couldn’t bear the cold of its look anymore and passed out.

I don’t know what happened afterwards. All that matters now is that Arthei has recovered. And with recovered I mean that there is not a SCRATCH on him anymore. He is completely well, I’m not able to explain why, but I don’t care. Kala is crying for joy, I think the black being wasn’t evil, but a god.

(Arthei’s Descent into Vampirism III)

What was that black being without face? Maybe it was it a lord of all satanic beings, prince of demons who did both good and evil.

That strange creature could be some incarnation of Samael (Angel of Death) – and Yalahar is where we looked for him initially, last year. This demon healed Arthei, but also put a curse on him, which slowly turned him into an impious monster preying for human blood.

The castle hides many secrets, probably many of them are undiscovered up to this day.

Beautiful death

During their lifetime they were women of astonishing beauty, who often had a tendency to be cruel. As the undead, they are powerful vampires of lethal beauty who mastered a broad range of skills.

Vampire Brides – that’s who we are talking about. Some of them use magic or alchemy to disguise themselves as humans. Thanks to this, it’s easier for them to hunt for their prey. We can notice that they conduct their experiment even inside the castle.

Inside the library, we can find a cookbook with a recipe for a special Vampire snack.

The house of the dead

Following the middle of the corridor to the right, strange footprints start to appear on the walls. Is something walking on this wall? It looks like hands in blood. Interesting, isn’t it?

Apparently, standing still and silent in the castle, ghostly apparitions will want to take a look at us. One of them appears in the northern part of the castle on a throne.

I found another photo where you can see the player accompanied by 4 Ghostly Apparitions.

Unfortunately, I’ve never managed to get them to spawn. It looks like the mechanism to make them appear is another secret of the castle.

Marziel’s diary

As we know one of the brothers kept a diary in which he noted what happened in the castle when they lived there.

Everything indicates that there may be more missing pages of Marziel’s diary and they are hidden in inaccessible rooms.

A room with a cupboard and a door boarded up? Maybe this is where the missing part of the diary is?

Mirrors and the painting

The superstition about mirrors was that they could be used to summon extraterrestrial creatures.

They were thought to be portals to other dimensions. One custom dictates that cloth should be hung over a mirror when a deceased person lies in the house so that their soul cannot get lost in the reflection and remain there forever, scaring the inhabitants of the house.

The right tower belongs to Lersatio, who wishes to see his face in the mirror once again, one day.

Interestingly, there are 33 mirrors, of which only 8 can be broken with a weapon. One of the mirrors caught my attention and when I stood in front of it, it shattered by itself.

Well, this is strange, perhaps there is a secret hidden here.

The monsters in the mirrors will come eat your dreams

This is the sound that Lersatio shouts. Of course, not without reason.

Vengoth is probably the only place where demons come out of mirrors.

*Edit – apparently not the only one. There are some mirrors like that on elite skeletons. Thanks to user Abysztibia from Reddit for this info!

And the only painting in game, from which a ghostly face comes out.


Does Armenius reside in the castle of Vengoth?

Achievement hunters have been wondering for more than a decade: can the “true face of Armenius” only be seen with a bit of luck during a quest?

There are rumours that he can be found in the most inaccessible place in the castle – the secret dungeon.

I have my own theory.

Boreth is a plant-crazy vampire who has his own tomato plantation in the castle. Armenius sells tomatoes, so can it be somehow related to the castle of Vengoth? Note that tomatoes are the only vegetable he sells.

Maybe he sneaks into Boreth’s plantation and steals his tomatoes, which he then sells?


I’ve spent a lot of time in Vengoth’s dungeons, (I mean really a lot) and I doubt that this is the place where Armenius can respawn. However, there is one more hint to potentially prove the connection between Armenius and Boreth. We can notice that there is an additional entrance to the Boreth’s tower – easily accessible for anyone who can fly. And we know that Armenius can turn into a bat, like all vampires.

Finally, I have noticed that the name “Armenius” seems to be an allusion to Arminius Vambery, a good friend of the writer Bram Stoker’s and a character in his popular story – “Dracula”.


Vampire shadows – new facts

Arthei is able to summon shadows of his brothers to help him when someone disrupts his slumber. I have managed to document unknown sounds of Shadow of Lersation and Shadow of Boreth.

Take a look at their responses to their brother’s call.



Hidden death trap

Did you know that there is a secret mechanism which purpose is to make players unable to camp vampire brothers? You are able to logout in towers after killing them, but strange things happen after you log in again.

After you log in, there will be no vampire brother spawned, but an invisible thrower attacking you. Player won’t be able to logout there anymore. This mechanism is very clever and interesting.

Castle’s secret dungeon

To get access to this part of the castle we have to give Storkus (dwarven vampire hunter) 100x tokens –

Is there anything interesting to be found there? This place is quite grim itself.

Coffins, burning skulls, vampires, but what else? For 12 years we have known that everything we can get there is the blood skull, which has no purpose at all (besides being a rare deco)

Take a look at how this place looks like. Not that many players have visited this place since it was added to the game.

Taking the Blood Skull from the box gives us the “Castlemania” achievement.

Why “Castlemania”?

Chayenne was the creator of the island. She was inspired by the “Castlevania” game series. Interestingly, the skull on the picture below looks very much alike the tibian blood skull:

The main “employer”, who gives us various mission throughout the Blood Brothers Quest is based on known vampire hunter – Julius Belmont.

NPC Garzon

We can find a mysterious NPC on the island. His name is Garzon and really nothing more is known about him, as he’s in a levitating house and there is no option to get in.

Chayenne’s legacy

As I mentioned, the whole area was created by Chayenne. A girl sleeping in a bed was her trademark.

Unreachable room in the castle.


Realm of Dreams Quest/Npc Garzon.

It’s also very interesting that Chayenne dedicated a part of her realm to Vengoth:

To sum up, let’s ask ourselves a few questions.

  • Are there any missing pages from Marziel’s diary in the castle?
  • Can Armenius be met in Boreth’s tower?
  • Mysterious mirrors and paintings. Can we somehow look to their other side?
  • Who is NPC Garzon?
  • What is the purpose of the blood skull?





April 7, 2021
I've always wondered what is the purpose of a blood skull. I can't believe that the only reward for getting 100 tokens is access to lower part of the castle and just the skull.
Ragge Storm
April 7, 2021
Pretty interesting story. I really enjoy all your articles. I am also working on ankrahmun story and its religious, in particular, everything related to the "ascension" they talk about as well as the key words - uthun, rah and akh.
April 7, 2021
Yesterday there was a raid of vampires in Yalahar and several of us ran to see if we achieved what some wiki say, nothing was achieved, and today you publish this, I feel like having that archivement already, I like so much mystery PD: Server Gladera, Nick Wars Stephy
Andreas Klein
April 10, 2021
Maybe red & blue rose are needed in the secret dungeon for the coffins ?
April 10, 2021
Iinteresting thought, I'll check it out.
April 14, 2021
First of all, I want to congratulate you for this post, it really helped me to understand more about the vampire lore in tibia, which I like so much. Second, it may sound a little stupid, but have you ever tried to play any game of the castlevania series? Maybe we can gatter some information from the games that will help us solve the mystery around the blood skull (It would be really frustrating if the item is only a rare deco or something). Lastly, I think it would be very interesting if you (or anyone) made a video about the secret area of the castle (the one you open with 100 VL tokens), maybe someone could have an idea of some hidden mechanics in the area. Cheers. Keep up the work.
Samuel Królak
October 9, 2021
Hmm, how about the way to Royal Rescue Quest? Our hidden passage to Vengoth Castle may be there somewhere. I visited recently Beregar city mines to complete Gozzler charm hunting, touched and used every wall, but I found nothing interesting

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