Secret of the Dark Grounds discovered!

Brighid Grand Explorateur, player from Gentebra managed to disclose a 7-year old secret. Now, we finally know how to open the Dark Grounds of Roshamuul!


For many years players wondered how to open the mystic area north of Roshamuul depot – Dark Grounds. It’s a place with the most Sights of Surrender, great hunting spot to finish the bestiary entry of these creatures. There were lots of theories about the methods of opening the passage, but none seemed to work. The most popular one stated that you have to finish Mend Broken Dreams task an unknown number of times  – in a short timespan.

Now, thanks to the dedication of Brighid Grand Explorateur, we know that we were close, but not enough. Indeed, we have to focus on a specific task. All you have to do is to finish Soothing Bad Dreams task 20 times. This will make the Dark Grounds open for 15 to 25 days, after which the tasks should be repeated.

Huge congrats from our team! 🙂



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