Step inside, the unknown awaits…

Mysteries, riddles, secrets… The world of Tibia is filled with them. We are here to show you the other side of the gameplay. Leave the level grinding behind and explore the enigmatic part of our favorite game. You will find one of a kind articles here, well-researched and written by experienced mystery hunters. Visit the “About Us” section to get to know us better.

Be prepared for long and shorter texts, we are going to reveal facts never published before on other fansites. The site will mostly focus on articles, but there will also be some extras. Make sure to check the Librarian tool – it is the first out of more to come in the future.

We’re not going to establish any social media accounts, as we find them a waste of time. All of our resources will be concentrated on this site and researches to provide you the best possible, unique content.

Come in and welcome… To the real world.

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