The Great Mystery Fest

We already know the results of our biggest contest so far – Secrets of Tibia. Therefore, it is time to publish the 7 winning articles. We are sure you will have as much fun reading them as our team did. We can safely say that the participants showed real literary and research talents.

7 works have been published on the homepage – here is their list with links:

1. “The Basilisk – One Piece of the Puzzle” by Meadek

2. “Treasure Island – The story of how I pursued the cursed treasure” by Senior Captain Marten

3. “The Minotaur Society” by Akuma Nikaido

4. “The Djinn Wars” by Makadamia

5.  The secret evil lurking under Zao” by Jefir Infallible

6. The truth of Tibianus, the secret behind the Demon on the Liberty Bay” by Smashed

7. “Djinns: forgotten by the gods?” by Healyeah

Let the Fest begin!

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