Tibia Lore Timeline – Video

Tibia Lore is not an easy topic, many players have a vague idea of it, and a thorough knowledge of the subject is crucial when analysing Tibia’s many mysteries. We would like to invite you to watch a very good video by our contributor Meadek – a renowned authority on Tibian secrets and mysteries and winner of our first Secrets of Tibia contest. It is the first part of a series that explains in an interesting way the intricacies of Tibia Lore with a focus on timeline events.

Video (English, with PL, BR, ENG, ESP subtitles):

If, after watching the above video, you would like to see more of Meadek’s work, here are some useful links:

Meadek’s Youtube channel:


Meadek’s Twitch channel


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November 13, 2022
Que épica historia, edición y narración totalmente irresistible, excelente trabajo y se nota el esfuerzo y amor puesto. Os deseo de lo mejor se lo merecen.

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