Tibia’s most mysterious boss of all times – Samael


Thirsty for mysteries? If so, it is good that you came here. Today, we have a secret that has been waiting to be revealed for over 10 years. The joint teams of Tibiasecrets and Tibiabosses present you a new, unknown boss.

Observant players have surely noticed that with the introduction of Party Finder to the game client a mysterious name of the Boss has appeared. We are talking about Samael of course.


The name itself at first glance cannot tell us much. Using generally available knowledge we know that the name comes from the Hebrew language and means Angel of Death. Different incarnations of Samael occur in culture and religion. With only this information it is difficult to locate the boss in the game. That’s why we decided to do extensive research on this boss. I think that the results of our research will surprise even the pickiest players. Ready? Then fasten your seatbelts and here we go.


4 months ago, our friend Makadamia sent us some information about the bosses in the party finder. After analysing the names of the bosses, we immediately started looking for possible clues about Samael.

A quick check of the boss kills statistics on guildstats.eu proved that he hasn’t been killed in at least the last 6 years. Things were getting more and more mysterious, so we went further with our investigation.

Thanks to Tibia Fandom, we were able to determine that the dat extension files in the game client contain very interesting information. We found out that this specific file uses the Protobuf data serialization method which was crucial. We won’t go into technical details, but by decoding the staticdata.dat file we got quite a list of monsters and bosses along with their ID numbers (don’t punish us for being curious Cipsoft, it’s just a text file). We quickly noticed that the vast majority of monsters in the list appear in the order they were added to the game. Bingo. We found out when Samael was added to the game!


Samael was added over the course of updates 8.4 and 8.5, so we started our search in Yalahar and the missions available in both updates. Our search for the boss location found its end at a certain frog…


Eclesius is a bit of a weird sorcerer, so we weren’t surprised that the Demon in his basement is our mysterious Boss. What’s interesting we have the possibility to make tasks for Eclesius. One of the tasks is to secure the cell before releasing the demon and calming him down. As it turns out during the task we can hear Samael’s screams and lamentations of terrified NPC Prisoner from Thais prison.

Now you know that NPC Prisoner is not crazy but really has something to worry about. Another puzzle solved.

Notice that Samael’s shouts appear in this elongated cell and in different places. This indicates that the Boss is probably located a floor below in some small room. Maybe it’s the Boss Room? Okay, but how to get to Samael? Well, here comes the problem. We have tried a number of different actions. None of them has worked so far. We’re not going to list them all here, but the ingredient mixing machine looks interesting…


…and using a broom in the basement.


Of course, we also had many conversations with NPCs…

Our investigation eventually came to a standstill. At this point we asked ourselves the question:

“Is it even possible to get to Samael, and is it possible to fight him? Or is he merely ‘decoration’?”

I think that the evidence which we are about to present will convince all unbelievers as to the “existence” of Samael and the possibility of fighting him.

The first piece of evidence is the Party Finder. Would creators of the game put there a Boss which can’t be found in the game? It’s doubtful.


The second clue is a bonfire amulet which so far no one has gotten. Take a look at the screenshot below.


The above image is from the teaser for update 8.5. Would the developers be presenting a “new in-game item” that you can’t get?

Another clue may be an article that appeared on the official Tibia website on Nov 01, 2008, a few days before the first announcement of Yalahar (8.4). In the article we read:

„Finally, I asked the question that has been nagging at me for a long time: Are there any undiscovered or unsolved quests? Chayenne told me that they usually try not to leave players in the dark for too long and that you get the majority of quests from NPCs who also provide you with some useful hints. Nevertheless, there are some quests which are not explicitly mentioned somewhere and which do not show up in the questlog even if you have already found a hint. And guess what? The content team really enjoys implementing such quests and watching us looking for hints. Such quests often involve many riddles, like the Paradox Tower quest. Unfortunately, they often get spoiled quickly and you can find all the necessary information in the net. Therefore, the quest reward is often not as high as in other quests.

Who knows, maybe our dear quest designers will implement new hidden quests in the future or continue open end quests. I guess I have to start roaming around again, looking for quests, exploring the vast lands of Tibia… being an adventurer is more than just a life style, it’s a state of mind. Where is my walking stick?”

Maybe the creators with this article wanted to tell us that in the upcoming updates we can expect the so-called hidden quests?

And now we come to what is probably the most interesting. Our team tried to discover what connection frogs may have with Samael and how the developers came up with the idea for this boss. It often happens that game designers take some inspiration from pop culture. The fact that the name “Samael” appears in pop culture gave us hope to find a suitable prototype for the boss. We tried to find out what movies or books were popular at the time Yalahar was created. One movie really caught our attention. It was Hellboy, a movie based on a comic book. Many of you have probably watched it and remember a demonic monster named Sammael. It looks like this:

Interestingly, the film Sammael does not appear in the comic book but was modelled, among others, based on the Frog Monsters from the comic book (Screenshot below)

Coincidence you would say. Sammael is just a random monster in this film and it has nothing to do in Tibia? Hell no. Look at another character from Hellboy’s universe – Koschei the Deathless. 🙂


Another clear allusion. All Tibians know that name.

Now we know Someone in Cipsoft was apparently a huge fan of the series if 2 bosses from this universe made their way into Tibia. Who would have thought…?

Demon, Samael, Frogs… Big of those coincidences. However, the demons in Tibia don’t look like Frog Monster or the movie Sammael. Does this mean that this is a dead-end to our quest? Nothing could be further from the truth. The tibia fandom at this link has graphics of unknown purpose. One of these graphics caught our eye. It depicts an unknown monster and as we found out was introduced in update 8.4 or 8.5. The monster looks like the image below.


What do you think? 🙂

Okay, but maybe it’s just decoration and Sammael can only be seen in a frame somewhere, like some of the bosses on the Isle of Merriment, and fighting him is not possible? Take a look at the graphic below.


The developers wouldn’t have added the body of a boss if it wasn’t possible to defeat him!!! Yes, it’s still a theory that this is our boss, but it all fits just too well!

Now everyone is probably wondering how to get to Samael and be the first player to face him. Unfortunately, we do not know how to get to him at the moment. We are hoping that someone of you will finish the job and then share your experience with the gaming community. It is possible that Samael is a part of some bigger quest. Let’s not forget that in update 8.4 and 8.5 there were other interesting mysteries such as:

  • Bearded Woman

  • An Inaccessible Room in Beregar

  • An unreachable room in Kazordoon

  • The Blood Skull, an extremely difficult item to obtain, whose use is still unknown.

And this is only a part of the mysteries related to the above-mentioned updates. We strongly encourage you to investigate them. Maybe you will be the first player to find it and kill Samael? I think that after today’s article, there’s no need to break your brain on 469 or Serpentine Tower. The new, unknown boss Samael is at hand…


February 9, 2021
This is an amazing article. Congratulations guys! I will start my investigation.
February 9, 2021
Nice, keep the nice work!
February 9, 2021
Having max rank on the vampire hunt could have something to do with it. I'll take a look into it :D
Wind Zarth
February 10, 2021
I did the "The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest" recently. There is the task "prevent the apocalypse" that we calm and lock the demon. Then we have the mission to help and release the assistant that turned into a frog. Eclesius is confuse, what if, the demon changed place with the assinstent and imprisioned him. That would explain why he does not want to become human, he may be a frog of some sort. The yealling prisioner is the real Assistent. We help to release him! Those crystal columns and magic door may have something to do with why he can't escape by himself. I believe the key to invoke this demon is in NPC A FROG. Another thing: when you finish the "The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest" you can't ear the prisioner yell anymore.
ric nexus
February 10, 2021
You seem to be confusing unrelated NPCs. The Prisoner was added in 8.2 with the Inquisition. The prisoner is being tortured by the Inquisition, it has nothing to do with this quest that was implemented in 8.5 Only reason you hear the prisoner is their close proximity
February 11, 2021
If Samael's noises are more often then Prisoner's sounds are also more frequent. It is strange but I have observed it several times. Maybe it's just a coincidence. Prisoner was added to the game earlier, which doesn't mean that his storyline wasn't improved later in some way.
Wind Zarth
February 12, 2021
For me it look like they are related in some way. Although when i finished the "The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest" the prisioner stoped yelling. But the demon still screams in red.
Wind Zarth
February 12, 2021
You are right. By the direction of the sound Looks like the prisioner is in the inquisition cells.
February 14, 2021
After doing the Eclesius task, he talks about the calmed prisoner. The NPC Prosioner is no doubt part of this mystery.
February 14, 2021
I'm not a Tibia player, but Damm, I do like mysteries! I dyscovered this hidden boss hunt by accident (YouTube random next videos). The Sammael on Hellboy, according to the hellboy wiki, the crystals may have something to do with him, "Sammael is a hellhound in which his essence was preserved and sealed within salt; crystals formed and gathered from the tears of a thousand angels. Said salt was placed in a container hidden inside a statue of Saint Dionysius the Areopagite", maybe a statue too. In the end of the article of the wiki, it says that Sammael is inspired by frog monsters, so yes, it's really close!
Ishineon the First
February 10, 2021
Great findings! This is amazing work from you! I am curious if it's possible to kill this beast.
Sober Dave
February 11, 2021
When you are completing the task - Polish - for Eclesius, you can get a message from the crystal ball once when you click it. Maybe these messages have anything to do with it. Messages I have gotten so far: You take a peek into the polished crystal ball, and you see... yourself drinking lots of strong mead in the Svargrond tavern. You take a peek into the polished crystal ball, and you see... a mysterious dream machine hidden under the Plains of Havoc. You take a peek into the polished crystal ball, and you see... a lot of treasures in the Edron orc caves. Who else can share their messages? Who knows?!
February 11, 2021
We have investigated this. Looks like these are some kind of our memories from the past or something. There was also a message about Postal Service Headquarters, at the Thaian-Venorean road.
Sober Dave
February 12, 2021
Yeah, I had that one as well, but didn't note it down the first time and didn't manage to get it again! Thanks! :D Since Tibia.com released this information on their news updates, I think this is a hint towards it actually being possible to get to this boss and fight it.
Sober Dave
February 15, 2021
Someone said this on Astera today: "14:10 Doomsday Sunshine [95]: 10:09 Congratulations! You earned the achievement "Samael Revenger"." Not sure if it's real or fake..
February 15, 2021
Looks like fake, unfortunately. But let's check kill statistics for Astera tomorrow.
Sober Dave
February 17, 2021
It was a fake indeed, nothing showed up on the kill statistics. 09:57 Sober Dave [453]: samael 09:57 King Tibianus: He is a skilled blacksmith and a loyal subject. Would this lead somewhere else? Anyone already had this message and any idea?
February 17, 2021
Dave, NPCs respond to "Sam" actually, not "Samael".
Sober Dave
February 17, 2021
Haha damn, never mind... :-)
February 17, 2021
I do think this boss is unreachable, and the only reason they implemented him as a monster is that, they wanted him to scream from time to time. samael is pobably one floor below the room with A confused frog. But if you say that npc prisoner that is unreachable become silent after the task with samael then i guess i am wrong
February 18, 2021
There is a boss with the update called The Frog Prince introduced to the game in 8.2, will it be related to him? This boss does not give loot but if he attacks you, I was thinking why they do not investigate all the npcs related to frogs or prisoners, INTERESTING BOSS
February 18, 2021
Great work and presentation! Keep it up!
February 18, 2021
Did the quest "The Scatterbrained Sorcerer" was available only under 20 previously? Maybe there is more differences doing it before/after 20 lvl that the first words of Eclesius.
February 18, 2021
This will be hard to check but does Samael screams while Frog Prince is present?
February 27, 2021
It's hard to check, but Samael is definitely making sounds if there is no Frog Prince. I think the boss screams are unrelated to The Frog Prince.
July 20, 2021
I really think it has something in common with stuffed toad - item was added to game in 8.5 patch, during the quest Eclesius summon toad. Maybe this rare drop is a key to samael somehow. I am too lazy to investigate this but u can try ;).
Pedro Ivo Dantas
November 21, 2021
wacky EN-US I was exploring everything related to Eclesius's house and i found out something that caught my attention... 1- I found at -1 floor, a lot of liquids that is inside pots, and a serie of pinned notes in the wall in front of these liquids. They seem to be out of order... In the same room also have a pinned note that teach the recipe to magical oil ( that's used on the task to "prevent the apocalypse", in front of this note we hav a pot that is empty... In the table we have a large book and some potion stands, where u can transfer some liquids. In the vertical direction to the pinned note that says: Slime ,and the pot stand, we have a pool of slime in the floor.... ------------------------------------------ PT-BR Olha, eu tava explorando tudo na casa do Eclesius e descobri duas coisas no mínimo estranhas 1- Percebi q na parede, no -1 na casa do eclesius, tem uma série de líquidos dentro de pots que estão fora de ordem, basta dar look nos papéis colados na parede (pinned notes) ... na mesma sala tem um potion stand que dá para pôr líquidos dentro e tirar, em frente ao potion stand, no chão, tem uma poça de slime, no mesmo sentido do pinned note que está escrito Slime. Tentei interagir de diversos jeitos, jogar os líquidos no chão mas nada aconteceu, porém tem um pot que está sem líquido nenhum dentro que está em frente à um pinned note que fala a receita para o magic oil (um oil que é utilizado na task de trancar a sela do demônio) . Achei isso no mínimo curioso...
April 20, 2022
Yesterday in Luminera i was doing Eclesius tasks and quests and i didn't see any boss yells. When he appear ? Besides, i am investigating the history of Rookgaard and Thais to find something interesting about Tibia and i took this oportunity to add Samael to this investigation. I was thinking about the river below Eclesius that goes from thais to Edowir and the north Thais pond with the marriage issue. I think that to get to this boss we have to take a portal and not through a door, passage or hole. Talk to me about this issue or my other investigation in Luminera, Krephtus.
May 4, 2022
Samael from what I remember should appear and make yells when we take the task "Prevent Appocalypse". Sometimes he is not in the cellar which is actually interesting. Also note that the prisoner only begs for help when Samael is there. I suspect that when Samael walks he activates the prisoner's shouts on some sqm. I don't know if it's possible to come face to face with Samael. I wish you luck with your research. I recently gave up :)

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