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Transcript of Amarie

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Transcript of Amarie

Player: hi / hello
Amarie: I really have to study, I'm sorry. Please leave me alone with my books.
Player: dwarf
Amarie: Oh, those coarse barbarians!
Player: job
Amarie: I'm a scholar. I believe that the ultimate aim in life is the pursuit of perfect knowledge through study.
Player: ab'dendriel
Amarie: It's pretty here with all these trees and flowers.
Player: mission
Amarie: Mission? You should read more books. Take that as your mission.
Player: dating
Amarie: Well... maybe there is a chance for me to find love, after all...
Player: name
Amarie: My name is Amarie Leafdancer.
Player: interesting
Amarie: Yes, interesting, isn't it? I could read about them all day.
Player: Book
Amarie: Do you like books, too? I really think there's nothing better than a good book and a cup of bug milk to relax.
Player: Study
Amarie: Oh, you're interested in what I study? Really? That's unusual. Well, it's about the... no wait. I don't want to bore you. Are you really interested?
Player: Yes
Amarie: Wow. Okay... it's about the... well... social interaction of milkbugs in their m... mating season.
Player: Bug Milk
Amarie: It's really sweet and nutritious. You should try it while you're in Ab'Dendriel.
Player: Care
Amarie: Sigh... so caring, yes. Sometimes I dream of.... ah .. forget what I said.
Player: Dream
Amarie: What do I dream of? I think... no one has asked me that for a long time. In my favourite book it says... oh, but it isn't really interesting.
Player: Book
Amarie: My favourite book... is an erm... poetry book. Which I shouldn't waste my study time on, but... poetry can also be meaningful.
Player: meaningful
Amarie: Meaningful like... it really touches something deep inside your heart and that just makes perfect sense to you.
Player: deep
Amarie: I... don't know how I can explain that better.
Player: heart
Amarie: No, no, that's getting far too personal...
Player: sense
Amarie: I... don't know how I can explain that better.
Player: poetry
Amarie: Would you like me to... re... recite some poetry?
Player: yes
Amarie: Really... okay. I'll tell you my favourite. Maybe you'll like it too... It's an elven poem, but I'll translate it for you. Here goes: ...
Amarie: 'Alas, her pale face up in the starry sky ...
Amarie: Flaunting a light that is not hers ...
Amarie: Lost in reverie to dance with the fervid sun ...
Amarie: Yet knowing that this day will never dawn ...
Amarie: For with the dawn she fades ...
Amarie: And only when darkness engulfs her ...
Amarie: Will her light shine the brightest.' ...
Amarie: So... what do you think? Did you like the poem?
Player: yes
Amarie: Oh, do you really mean it? That's so nice, finally someone who understands me. Maybe you will understand my dreams as well. Or... I'm getting carried away. My dreams are a little confusing. ...
Amarie: And I don't think there's a chance that I'll ever find what I'm really looking for. I guess I shall have to resign myself to a long, lonely life without love...
Player: Love
Amarie: Love? Hah... you don't know me. I'm really not good at this stuff. Or what is it you're implying?
Player: Dating
Amarie: Well... maybe there is a chance for me to find love, after all...
Player: bye / asha thrazi
Amarie: Asha Thrazi.

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