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Transcript of Armenius

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Transcript of Armenius

Player: Hi
Armenius: Ah, an adventurer. Be greeted and have a seat. How may I serve you?
Player: Name
Armenius: Don't you know that when you know a person's name, you hold some power over that person?
Player: Armenius
Armenius: Uh huh. Scary, you can read the name on my bar.
Player: Food
Armenius: We offer bread, cheese, ham, and meat, as well as eggs and tomatoes. Ask for a trade if you want to have a look.
Player: Job
Armenius: That's not a serious question, is it? I'm running a bar. Duh. Are you interested in my offers?
Player: Offers
Armenius: Didn't your mama teach you? Ask for a trade if you want to see what my bar has to offer.
Player: Trade
Armenius: Sure.
Player: Blood
Armenius: If you want blood, go kill a pig.
Player: Vampire
Armenius: Why would you ask that? I give you a hint - don't meddle in affairs you haven't the slightest idea about.
Player: Julius
Armenius: Oh, don't talk about him. Little Mr. Know-it-all, he is.
Player: Serafin
Armenius: Isn't that the fruit guy? Yes, I've seen him.
Player: Ortheus
Armenius: Don't see him often. He basically lives on the opposite side of the city.
Player: Lisander
Armenius: He prefers to visit a nobler tavern than mine. Pff.
Player: Serafin
Armenius: Isn't that the fruit guy? Yes, I've seen him.
Player: Maris
Armenius: A former pirate I think.
Player: Yalahar
Armenius: Fine place for me right now. Lots of... supplies.
Player: Alori Mort
Armenius: Go away, little fly.
Player: Cookies
Armenius: It'd be better for you to leave now.
Player: Quarter
Armenius: This quarter might look a little run-down, but I prefer that to the shallow golden glory of the inner city.
Player: Drink
Armenius: I got beer, wine and some imported rum.
Player: Mission
Armenius: Why would I have a mission for you? Have a drink and pay for it, that's your first mission in my bar.
Player: Random Word
Armenius: You know, actually I don't feel like chatting with you much. Sorry, kid.
Player: Augur
Armenius: Unimportant gofers.
Player: mr west
Armenius: He's not a bad person, even from my point of view. Lots of criminals find shelter in this quarter, which means more people who come and visit my bar.
Player: bye
Armenius: Good bye.

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