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Transcript of Charos

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Transcript of Charos

Player: hi
Charos: Hello young friend! I'm authorised to allow you to use our teleporter to reach any other city than the one you came here from. If you require my service, just mention it to me. ...
Charos: If you are interested in discovering the world of Tibia, I can give you some information, too.
Player: service
Charos: I can attune you to a city of your choice. If you step to the teleporter here you will not appear in the city you came from as usual, but the city of your choice. Is it what you wish?
Player: discovering / map
Charos: We are currently working on a huge and very ambitious project: We try to chart the world of Tibia! I know what you might think: Are there so many undiscovered places on this world? And the answer is: Yes! ...
Charos: There are many secret, hidden or hardly accessible places and sites. We want to create a detailed and accurate map of our world - and we are searching for assistance concerning this project. ...
Charos: So, if you want to discover Tibia's secrets, go out and discover our world, step by step and area by area. If you contribute to this project to a certain extent, you can gain the right to wear our Discoverer outfit.
Player: area
Charos: As an area we regard larger regions surrounding - for example - the big cities of Tibia. The Kazordoon mountains would be such an area as well as the Venorean swamps or the island of Oramond.
Player: outfit / addon
Charos: Are you interested in wearing our Discoverer outfit?
Player: yes
Charos: I provide the outfit as well as two addons. For the outfit you need to fully discover ten areas of Tibia, for the first addon you have to discover fifteen. For the second addon you need to discover twenty areas. ...
Charos: Are you interested in dressing like a real discoverer?
Player: yes
Charos: How many areas do you have fully discovered yet: ten, fifteen or twenty?
Player: ten
Charos: I'm sorry. But you already gained this outfit.
Player: fifteen
Charos: I'm sorry. But you already gained the first addon to this outfit.
Player: twenty
Charos: I'm sorry, that's not enough. Return if you have fully discovered twenty areas.
Player: addon / outfit
Charos: Are you interested in wearing our Discoverer outfit?
Player: no
Charos: Farewell then.
Player: first dragon
Charos: I heard he now lives at the dragon cemetery.
Player: bye
Charos: Goodbye traveler.

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