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Transcript of Christine

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Transcript of Christine

Player: hi / hello
Christine: Welcome, sweetheart! Want a bite to eat? I'll trade!
Player: trade
Christine: Sure, here's our menu!
Player: job
Christine: I run the Opera Café and sell delicacies to go! Ask me for a trade!
Player: offer / sell / buy / food
Christine: I'd be delighted to sell you something! Ask me for a trade to see our list of delicious resfreshments and provisions.
Player: name
Christine: Traditionally, it's Miss D'Albay, but you may call me Christine.
Player: christine
Christine: I was named after my grandmother. Did you know that she established this café? She was a very forward-thinking lady.
Player: mother
Christine: Mother disapproves of me running the café. She thinks I should be getting married and leave the shop to my younger brother Cedric. But I love it here! You meet so very many interesting people!
Player: grandmother
Christine: Grandmother Christine was a fabulous baker and even continued to run the shop when she was married. That annoyed quite some elder people in the higher society! But if it hadn't been for her, things would never have moved in this city.
Player: father
Christine: Father thinks I have too many fancy ideas and that I will quietly settle down once I'm married. Well, I believe I will continue just fine the way I am!
Player: opera
Christine: We used to have one, but after that dreadful fire one day it was torn down and an experimental glooth factory was established instead. ...
Christine: That didn't go well, either; the factory's been closed for years and the whole area is, quite frankly, gone to rack and ruin. I'd love to rebuild the opera, though.
Player: glooth
Christine: The stuff Rathleton's dreams are made of! Seriously, honey, I make some delicious sandwiches and steaks out of it. Ask me for a trade to find out for yourself!
Player: airtight cloth
Christine: Hmm, yes, I see the idea, but does it work? It's just an idea so far. I'd like to see such a cloth.
Player: airtight cloth
Christine: It works a treat! My glooth cake keeps fresh now for much, much longer.
Player: king
Christine: Really? How romantic! We haven't had a king or queen for a long time. It really didn't work for us, I don't know why. Maybe the historian or some old history book of his can tell you more.
Player: tibia
Christine: Your lands sound fascinating! When I get married, I will make sure my husband takes me for a honeymoon there.
Player: Rathleton / city
Player: fyodor
Christine: He can be so funny! And the way he talks about his ideas for the city! Father disapproves of him, of course. But I think this place could go much forward if Fyodor had a say in matters. Is it true he vistied your capital city? What's it like there?
Player: graham
Christine: Lady Balfour's son? He lives for his duties as a knight. When his father disappeared, mother dropped the acquaintance entirely.
Player: nicholas
Christine: He's a true artist of interior design! Mother had all of our mansion's rooms refurnished according to his plans.
Player: fayla
Christine: Oh, Madame Fay is such a great singer! I take lessons there, I hope one day I'll be as accomplished as her. She was very famous in her youth. ...
Christine: She sang the leading roles in the Opera House before it was torn down. If I make enough money some day, I'll have it rebuilt, no matter what father says! ...
Player: alaistar
Christine: Dr Stanton is such an interesting man! Did you know he goes out there into the wild, fearless, and studies Oramonds wilderness? What a man!
Player: azalea
Christine: She's nice, but she does not go out much. I think she's a little shy with people. The only thing we ever talked about was her flowers. They are lovely though, you should have a look when you're at the temple!
Player: edmund
Christine: He makes the most gorgeous jewellery you can imagine. I love to visit him, just to look at his wares! If I ever get married, I will make sure to buy at least half of his stock at once!
Player: flint
Christine: He keeps to himself. What a tragic hero! He saved so many, but his own friend he could not save - is this not like in one of the great novels?
Player: maro
Christine: That minotaur that Dr Stanton brought with him from the fields? I believe he is not very musical.
Player: mordecai
Christine: I was quite afraid of him as a child, his bushy eyebrows and his mumbling always made me think of an evil sorcerer! But he's quite a nice old man, even if he's a little distracted.
Player: silas
Christine: Mother would love for me to marry into the family. The D'Arbalesses are one of the oldest families on the island. At least, one of the oldest that we know of. Some even say that they're descended from elves!
Player: virgil
Christine: He's a great friend of father's. Very respectable, and a bore through and through! 'Money this, glooth papers that...' - it's time for a fresh breeze in this stuffy city!
Player: bye
Christine: Bye, bye, love!

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