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Transcript of Cipfried

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Transcript of Cipfried

Player: hi / hello
Cipfried: Hello, Player! I'll heal you if you are injured or poisoned. Feel free to ask me for help or general hints.
Player: name
Cipfried: My name is Cipfried.
Player: job
Cipfried: Me? Oh, I'm just a humble monk. Ask me if you need help or healing.
Player: monk
Cipfried: I have sacrificed my life to serve the good gods of Tibia and to help newcomers in this world.
Player: tibia
Cipfried: That's where we are - the world of Tibia, in a village called Rookgaard, to be precise, with many monsters, quests and citizens around.
Player: rookgaard
Cipfried: The gods have chosen this isle as the point of arrival for newborn souls. The citizens will help you if you ask them.
Player: god
Cipfried: They created Tibia and all life on it. Visit our academy and learn about them.
Player: citizen
Cipfried: Only a few people live in our village, most of them are merchants. You can either ask them for a trade or about various other topics, like the names of other citizens, their job or Tibia in general.
Player: obi
Cipfried: Obi's shop is to the north-east of this humble temple. He sells weapons, and his granddaughter Dixi sells armor and shields upstairs.
Player: seymour
Cipfried: Seymour is a loyal follower of the king and a teacher in the academy.
Player: willie
Cipfried: Willie is a farmer, just like his cousin Billy. His farm is located left of the temple. You can buy and sell food there.
Player: academy
Cipfried: The academy is just north of here. You can learn helpful things there from Seymour, if you wish to!
Player: Billy
Cipfried: He's a farmer, just like his cousin Willie. He doesn't talk to everybody, though.
Player: monster
Cipfried: Monsters are a constant threat to this village. You would tremendously help us by fighting them, starting with rats in the sewers, then turning to spiders or wolves.
Player: rat
Cipfried: A single rat doesn't pose a grave danger to you, but be careful not to get cornered by many of them. They could still kill you.
Player: sewer
Cipfried: The sewers are right below this village. North of this temple, you find a sewer grate which leads down, but there are also many small huts in the village which are connected to the sewers.
Player: kill / death
Cipfried: If you get killed, you will revive in this temple. However, you will lose experience and also equipment, which can be quite painful. Take good care of yourself!
Player: weapons
Cipfried: To defend yourself against enemies, you will need a weapon. You can purchase weapons at Obi's shop.
Player: armor
Cipfried: To defend yourself against enemies, you will need armor and shields. You can purchase both at Dixi's shop.
Player: shield
Cipfried: To defend yourself against enemies, you will need armor and shields. You can purchase both at Dixi's shop.
Player: Dixi
Cipfried: That's Obi's granddaughter. Her counter is just upstairs from Obi's shop. She helps him by selling armor and shields.
Player: shop / merchants
Cipfried: You can buy and sell goods from merchants. To do so, simply talk to them and ask them for a trade. They will gladly show you their offers and also the things they buy from you.
Player: equipment
Cipfried: You can buy equipment from the merchants in this village once you earned some gold. Some monsters also carry equipment pieces with them.
Player: heal
Cipfried: You aren't looking really bad, Player. I can only help in cases of real emergencies. Raise your health simply by eating food.
Player: food
Cipfried: Food is very important for your health. If you are hurt in a fight with a monster, select 'Use' on food such as cheese, ham or meat to eat it. This will slowly refill your health.
Player: help
Cipfried: How can I help you? I can tell you about specific citizens if you tell me their name. I can also give you general hints about Tibia.
Player: quest / mission
Cipfried: Oh, I can handle my tasks myself, thank you. If you are looking for something to do, you should listen to the local citizens and ask them for quests. You could also help us fight monsters.
Player: gold / money
Cipfried: You can earn a fair amount of gold by fighting monsters and picking up the things they carry. Many citizens are buying some of that loot, simply ask around.
Player: time
Cipfried: Now it is 9:58 pm, my child.
Player: Asralius
Cipfried: He came together with Vascalir. He seems like a powerful mage and investigates the disturbances in the magical atmosphere.
Player: Vascalir
Cipfried: He has recently arrived from a far-away country to help us fight against the orcs.
Player: Amber
Cipfried: Amber is such a lovely girl, and also a very experienced explorer and adventurer. It's always interesting to chat with her.
Player: explorer / adventure
Cipfried: I can see a bright future for you... you will soon embark on a very big adventure and explore the world of Tibia - maybe even influence history!
Player: Al Dee
Cipfried: In Al Dee's shop you'll find important general equipment such as ropes, shovels and torches.
Player: ropes
Cipfried: Never go adventuring without a rope! If you don't have one when you fall through a hole in the ground, you won't be able to leave without a rope.
Player: shovels
Cipfried: Shovels are very useful. There may be a hidden entrance under a loose pile of stone and without a shovel, how would you know?
Player: Dallheim
Cipfried: May the gods bless our loyal guardsmen! Day and night they stand watch on our bridges, ensuring that it is not passed by dangerous monsters!
Player: Cipfried
Cipfried: Yes? How can I help you?
Player: knight
Cipfried: Knights are close combat fighters. They usually wield melee weapons such as swords, axes or clubs.
Player: paladin
Cipfried: Paladins are well-trained distance fighters and can cast holy magic. You will usually see them wearing bows or crossbows.
Player: druid
Cipfried: Druids are nature magicians. Their speciality is casting ice and earth magic, as well as providing healing for others.
Player: sorcerer
Cipfried: Sorcerers are elemental magicians. They have mastered fire, energy and death magic.
Player: Oracle
Cipfried: You can find the oracle on the top floor of the academy, just above Seymour. Go there when you are level 8 to find your destiny.
Player: vocation
Cipfried: There are four vocations in Tibia: knight, sorcerer, paladin or druid. Each vocation has its unique special abilities.
Player: destiny
Cipfried: Your near destiny will be to choose a vocation once you are level 8. Whether you will become a knight, sorcerer, paladin or druid is a big decision!
Player: potion
Cipfried: Potions will come in handy once you are in a fight deep in a dungeon. If you aren't in immediate danger, you can simply eat food to regain health, though.
Player: spider
Cipfried: If you face spiders, beware of the poisonous ones. If you are poisoned, you will constantly lose health. Come to me and I'll heal you from poison.
Player: poison
Cipfried: Poison is very dangerous! Don't ever drink green liquids, they are poisonous and will make you lose health!
Player: wolf / wolves
Cipfried: Wolves can only be found outside of the village. If you want to know where their dens are, best talk to Dallheim or Zerbrus at the bridges.
Player: thank
Cipfried: Of course.
Player: Hyacinth
Cipfried: Hyacinth is a close friend of mine. He left the village many years ago to live in solitude. I think all this bustle here simply was too much for him.
Player: Lee'Delle
Cipfried: Lee'Delle's shop is on the premium side of the village. You should visit her!
Player: premium
Cipfried: As a premium adventurer, you are an official tax payer and thus privileged in many ways. For example, you can travel by ship and get better deals from merchants.
Player: ship
Cipfried: Ships are a comfortable way of travelling to distant cities. At any harbour, you can board the ship and ask its captain where he sails to. ...
Cipfried: Travelling by ship will cost you some gold, though, so be sure to have money with you.
Player: Lily
Cipfried: You must have passed the house of Lily on your way here. She sells potions. If you pick blueberries or find cookies, she'll buy them from you.
Player: sell / buy
Cipfried: I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in worldly goods. If you want to buy or sell something, you should ask a local merchant for a trade.
Player: Loui
Cipfried: That's a sad story. He used to help me guard this temple, but for some reason he went out of his mind.
Player: Norma
Cipfried: She recently opened a little bar north of this village.
Player: Paulie
Cipfried: He is the bank clerk, making sure your money remains safe.
Player: bank
Cipfried: You can deposit your money at the bank. That way you won't lose it if you get killed. The bank is just under the academy and to the right.
Player: Seymour
Cipfried: Seymour is a loyal follower of the king and a teacher in the academy.
Player: trade
Cipfried: I don't have any goods for trade, but if you ask one of the merchants, he or she will gladly show you what you can buy or sell.
Player: king
Cipfried: Well, King Tibianus of course. The island of Rookgaard belongs to his kingdom.
Player: Tom
Cipfried: Tom is the main provider for leather armor in this village. You can sell fresh corpses or even minotaur leather to him.
Player: Zerbrus
Cipfried: May the gods bless our loyal guardsmen! Day and night they stand watch on our bridges, ensuring that it is not passed by dangerous monsters!
Player: asshole / dick / fuck / idiot
Cipfried: Hey Player! We have rules here! You'll have a much easier life if you respect them.
Player: rules
Cipfried: A general rule is to be polite and kind towards fellow Tibians. This includes not to insult them or to steal their monsters. If you are friendly, you will quickly make friends.
Player: Santiago
Cipfried: I absolutely appreciate what he's doing. He has helped me a lot since he took up the job of welcoming newcomers to this island.
Player: Zirella
Cipfried: That old lady hasn't had an easy life. Her son Tom completely abandoned her, but I have no idea why.
Player: hint
Cipfried: If you don't know the meaning of an icon on the right side, move the mouse cursor on it and wait a moment.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Send private messages to other players by right-clicking on the player or the player's name and select 'Message to ....'. You can also open a 'private message channel' and type in the name of the player.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Use the shortcuts 'SHIFT' to look, 'CTRL' for use and 'ALT' for attack when clicking on an object or player.
Player: hint
Cipfried: If you already know where you want to go, click on the automap and your character will walk there automatically if the location is reachable and not too far away.
Player: hint
Cipfried: To open or close skills, battle or VIP list, click on the corresponding button to the right.
Player: hint
Cipfried: 'Capacity' restricts the amount of things you can carry with you. It raises with each level.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Always have a look on your health bar. If you see that you do not regenerate health points anymore, eat something.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Always eat as much food as possible. This way, you'll regenerate health points for a longer period of time.
Player: hint
Cipfried: After you have killed a monster, you have 10 seconds in which the corpse is not moveable and no one else but you can loot it.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Be careful when you approach three or more monsters because you only can block the attacks of two. In such a situation even a few rats can do severe damage or even kill you.
Player: hint
Cipfried: There are many ways to gather food. Many creatures drop food but you can also pick blueberries or bake your own bread. If you have a fishing rod and worms in your inventory, you can also try to catch a fish.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Baking bread is rather complex. First of all you need a scythe to harvest wheat. Then you use the wheat with a millstone to get flour. ...
Cipfried: This can be be used on water to get dough, which can be used on an oven to bake bread. Use milk instead of water to get cake dough.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Dying hurts! Better run away than risk your life. You are going to lose experience and skill points when you die.
Player: hint
Cipfried: When you switch to 'Offensive Fighting', you deal out more damage but you also get hurt more easily.
Player: hint
Cipfried: When you are on low health and need to run away from a monster, switch to 'Defensive Fighting' and the monster will hit you less severely.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Many creatures try to run away from you. Select 'Chase Opponent' to follow them.
Player: hint
Cipfried: The deeper you enter a dungeon, the more dangerous it will be. Approach every dungeon with utmost care or an unexpected creature might kill you. This will result in losing experience and skill points.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Due to the perspective, some objects in Tibia are not located at the spot they seem to appear (ladders, windows, lamps). Try clicking on the floor tile the object would lie on.
Player: hint
Cipfried: If you want to trade an item with another player, right-click on the item and select 'Trade with ...', then click on the player with whom you want to trade.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Stairs, ladders and dungeon entrances are marked as yellow dots on the automap.
Player: hint
Cipfried: You can get food by killing animals or monsters. You can also pick blueberries or bake your own bread. If you are too lazy or own too much money, you can also buy food.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Quest containers can be recognised easily. They don't open up regularly but display a message 'You have found ....'. They can only be opened once.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Better run away than risk to die. You'll lose experience and skill points each time you die.
Player: hint
Cipfried: You can form a party by right-clicking on a player and selecting 'Invite to Party'. The party leader can also enable 'Shared Experience' by right-clicking on him- or herself.
Player: hint
Cipfried: You can assign spells, the use of items, or random text to 'hotkeys'. You find them under 'Options'.
Player: hint
Cipfried: You can also follow other players. Just right-click on the player and select 'Follow'.
Player: hint
Cipfried: You can found a party with your friends by right-clicking on a player and selecting 'Invite to Party'. If you are invited to a party, right-click on yourself and select 'Join Party'.
Player: hint
Cipfried: Only found parties with people you trust. You can attack people in your party without getting a skull. This is helpful for training your skills, but can be abused to kill people without having to fear negative consequences.
Player: hint
Cipfried: The leader of a party has the option to distribute gathered experience among all players in the party. If you are the leader, right-click on yourself and select 'Enable Shared Experience'.
Player: hint
Cipfried: There is nothing more I can tell you. If you are still in need of some hints, I can repeat them for you.
Player: bye / farewell
Cipfried: Farewell, Player!

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