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Transcript of Dorbin

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Transcript of Dorbin

Player: hi
Dorbin: Hello, Player! Welcome to my furniture store. I hope you are interested in a trade!
Player: name
Dorbin: I'm Dorbin.
Player: job
Dorbin: I sell furniture. We own this store in the third generation.
Player: yalahar
Dorbin: The city looks like a mess but new furniture here and there would work wonders, believe me.
Player: trade
Dorbin: Have a look. Most furniture comes in handy kits. Just use them in your house to assemble the furniture. Do you want to see only a certain type of furniture?
Player: type
Dorbin: I have beds, chairs, containers, decoration, flowers, instruments, pillows, pottery, statues, tapestries and tables. Which of those would you like to see?
Player: vampire
Dorbin: Well, sigh. It's not funny to live in a city that is under frequent attack by vampires.
Player: yalahari
Dorbin: They are too elitist to buy my wares. I doubt they find any better quality, though.
Player: orc
Dorbin: Ah you noticed my little helper? Well, if you train them at a young age, they are quite helpful. Still, I have to keep an eye on him. Until now his use outweighed the stuff he has smashed.
Player: offer / goods / ware / stuff / equipment / buy / sell / furniture
Dorbin: Well, as you can see, we sell furniture. Ask me for a trade if you're interested.
Player: alchemist quarter
Dorbin: It was probably just luck that those mad alchemists did not blow up the whole city.
Player: arena quarter
Dorbin: As if it had not been bad enough that this quarter was run over by madmen, these madmen were armed to the teeth.
Player: foreign quarter
Dorbin: One day, these monsters will unite and attack us.
Player: sunken quarter
Dorbin: For a while flotsam was quite popular as decor, but by now there are only a few pieces left.
Player: magician quarter
Dorbin: I don't want to deal with these strange guys wearing robes.
Player: factory quarter
Dorbin: I doubt that any factory could replace the carpentry skill me and my assistants have acquired.
Player: blood crystal
Dorbin: I agree, that would be a nice decoration object. Unfortunately I don't sell them.
Player: cookies
Dorbin: You can toss some cookies to my little helper over there. But don't stick your finger in.
Player: news
Dorbin: I just reduced all prices drastically.
Player: palimuth
Dorbin: He seems to be quite nice and reasonable.
Player: time
Dorbin: It is 2:42 am.
Player: farewell / bye
Dorbin: Good bye, Player.

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