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Transcript of Dreadeye

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Transcript of Dreadeye

Player: hi
Dreadeye: Ah, a visitor to intimidate. Splendid!
Player: intimidate / job
Dreadeye: An amusing question in its own, naive way. Let me put it this way: I have become an outcast, and am no longer free to move about my own city. ...
Dreadeye: However, despite their limitations, my kind still regard me as useful. I can do .. things they can't or won't do. So I am of value to them. ...
Dreadeye: I have gained magnificent insights into things lesser bonelords could only dream of at the price of losing touch with concepts common amongst my kin. An insignificant price to pay for the riches I have gained! ...
Dreadeye: This makes me valuable .. for the moment. They come to me in secrecy to ask for my guidance in their petty schemes. ...
Dreadeye: They need my genius for help and that makes them less inclined to get rid of me. If the incompetent fools mess up and things go horribly wrong then they have a scapegoat to blame - me. ...
Dreadeye: However, I am just biding my time. One of these days, they will come for me .. and I'll be gone.
Player: city
Dreadeye: This city was built by enslaved corpses and souls. It oozes pain and despair. Just how my people like it. Sadly, it is only a pale memory of the past. ...
Dreadeye: In ancient times our cities were symphonies of agony, choruses of lost souls. Ah, the marvels of long gone times. How pitiable, that we lack the resources to enslave your puny race to sculpt something as glorious as the cities of the past. ...
Dreadeye: But, our time will come again! We merely need to wait. When the time comes, we will be ready. ...
Dreadeye: All it needs is a well timed push in the right place, human, and we will retake our rightful place and the agonised screams of your kind will be music in our ears!
Player: bonelords
Dreadeye: You only know my race from the remnants that are scattered through this world. These remnants are nothing when compared with those bonelords who grasped the world by its throat in the glorious days of our dominance! ...
Dreadeye: We were the rulers, the ultimate masters. Fate and the Gods betrayed us. Stole what was rightfully ours. But we have survived. We are still here. What once was ours will become ours again. ...
Dreadeye: We just have to wait. Patience is our power.
Player: name
Dreadeye: Be grateful that you can't even hope to grasp the concept behind my name. When I was more... active and had dealings with your race, captured specimens referred to me in your language as 'dreadeye'. ...
Dreadeye: While they still had the ability to speak, that is. That will have to suffice.
Player: language
Dreadeye: Only true bonelords can understand our language. Even I in my... changed state have a hard time understanding even the simple parts of our writings and some parts of it are completely alien to me now. ...
Dreadeye: You, human, will never understand our language as you will never understand our ways.
Player: yalahari
Dreadeye: A vain and elusive race. Powerful enough to defy the Gods... so they thought. Now their power is gone, their race declined. They exist still, broken, bereft of any true power. ...
Dreadeye: They are as good as dead. With our expertise in necromancy, we recognize the signs of death when we see them. Unlike us bonelords they will never rise again.
Player: necromancy
Dreadeye: What you understand under the term necromancy is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what we are doing, puny human. We are the masters of souls. ...
Dreadeye: Creators, shapers, masters. Ours is a complete realm beyond your understanding. Our knowledge borders the realms of apotheosis and it is only a matter of time until the final step is taken.
Player: apotheosis
Dreadeye: You could not hope to understand it anyway. But we were close. So close that the Gods struck down our empire and our race. But we survived. We are still here. And our time will come. You can't delay the inevitable.
Player: telas
Dreadeye: He is a desperate fool, turning to me for guidance, for those who deal with us pay a high price - they serve us as undead slaves for eternity, muhaha! ...
Dreadeye: And a lucky fool for I have my reasons to oblige his request.
Player: golem
Dreadeye: Ah yes, the issue of golems. I know. Much of the knowledge on this subject that my race have... acquired over the centuries is at my disposal. ...
Dreadeye: And I am disposed to share it. Ah, I guess you are surprised, mortal? Well there are... issues you cannot possibly hope to understand with your limited mind. Actually I can hardly comprehend them myself. ...
Dreadeye: But my madness brings certain insights. There is no need to understand, there is only the need to do what has to be done. I will make sure one of my messengers delivers Telas the information he requires. ...
Dreadeye: I hope he does not scare easily.
Player: farewell / bye
Dreadeye: Bye. Think twice before you return here.

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