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Elf Guard

Transcript of Elf Guard

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Elf Guard

Transcript of Elf Guard

Player: hi / hello
Elf Guard: Ashari, Player. Take care.
Player: abdaisim
Elf Guard: The Abdaisim are wanderers. Since they live as nomads and travel the world you won't find them here.
Player: armor / weapon
Elf Guard: If you are looking for that kind of equipment you should ask a Kuridai.
Player: army
Elf Guard: Such a thing is a human concept. We have no need for that, although some Kuridai might think otherwise.
Player: bahaha aka
Elf Guard: This means 'Take your punishment, defiler'.
Player: carlin
Elf Guard: This city of humankind is located to the west of our area.
Player: cenath
Elf Guard: The Cenath are magic users. Look for them on the upper levels of the town.
Player: deraisim
Elf Guard: The Deraisim are scouts and hunters. You may find them on the groundlevel of the city.
Player: elf / elves
Elf Guard: The elves of this city are the castes of the Cenath, the Kuridai, and the Deraisim.
Player: ferumbras
Elf Guard: He is not allowed to enter this city.
Player: food
Elf Guard: Ask some Deraisim where you can get food.
Player: job / care
Elf Guard: I am a guardian of this town. I have no time to chat!
Player: kazordoon
Elf Guard: The dwarfish settlement is hidden somewhere in the mountains in the south.
Player: kuridai
Elf Guard: The Kuridai are the smiths and craftsmen. Look for them in the underground parts of the city.
Player: name
Elf Guard: My name is unimportant, only my duty matters.
Player: spell / magic
Elf Guard: Ask around in Ab'Dendriel. Many elves can teach you something about magic. The Cenath love magic most of all.
Player: teshial
Elf Guard: There are no Teshial.
Player: thais
Elf Guard: The city of the humans lies somewhere far to the south beyond the mountains of the dwarfs.
Player: tha'shi ab'dendriel
Elf Guard: In the crude human language you would translate it with 'My life for Ab'Dendriel' or even 'I am one with Ab'Dendriel'.
Player: time
Elf Guard: It's 8:46 pm.
Player: town / city / ab'dendriel
Elf Guard: This is the elven town of Ab'Dendriel.
Player: bye / Asha Thrazi / farewell
Elf Guard: Asha Thrazi.

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