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Elyen Ravenlock

Transcript of Elyen Ravenlock

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Elyen Ravenlock

Transcript of Elyen Ravenlock

Player: hi / hello
Elyen Ravenlock: Hello, brother. What is it now?
Player: blood
Elyen Ravenlock: The dark well inside our fleshly hull. It sings to us, and to the Dark Lord.
Player: blood priest
Elyen Ravenlock: They are drawn to blood like a wasp is to honey. They have a ...special interest in it, I presume.
Player: poison
Elyen Ravenlock: For yourself or someone else? Give the details to our apothecaries upstairs, they will settle the price, too.
Player: drefia
Elyen Ravenlock: The dark flower. Our chants are its perfume, our dances its colour.
Player: garden / night
Elyen Ravenlock: The Gardens Of Night surround our sacred temples, east of the Necromancer Halls. Dark and light mix there, as do our chants.
Player: job
Elyen Ravenlock: I prefer to call it my calling. I am the Mistress of the Dark Chants in Drefia.
Player: name
Elyen Ravenlock: I am the Dark Priestess Elyen Ravenlock. Your name is of no concern to me.
Player: necromancer
Elyen Ravenlock: Our brothers in the service of the Dark Lord.
Player: priestess
Elyen Ravenlock: I serve the Dark Lord. As do you, but you do not know it yet.
Player: rats
Elyen Ravenlock: Urgith's chosen. They run through our halls, free and unhindered. Do not harm them.
Player: ritual
Elyen Ravenlock: You could assist, I assume.
Player: scroll
Elyen Ravenlock: Do not touch the sacred scrolls! Leave this room at once!
Player: shadow pupil
Elyen Ravenlock: Our most elusive brethren. They do not like to be mentioned.
Player: bye / farewell
Elyen Ravenlock: Yes.

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