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Transcript of Erayo

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Transcript of Erayo

Player: hi
Erayo: What the... I mean, of course I sensed you.
Player: sensed
Erayo: In my job you have to be on guard.
Player: job
Erayo: Bringing death.
Player: name
Erayo: Blue death.
Player: assassin / addon / outfit
Erayo: Don't have anything else to give you. Go pester Atrad, maybe he has a spare katana or something.
Player: Atrad
Erayo: Hot temper.
Player: Vescu
Erayo: Useless assassin, but fun.
Player: yarn
Erayo: Needs to be made from spider silk. Heard mermaids can do that.
Player: brown piece of cloth
Erayo: Pretty rotten cloth preferred by some undead.
Player: red piece of cloth
Erayo: It's used for capes.
Player: green piece of cloth
Erayo: Heard djinns use it for their turbans.
Player: yellow piece of cloth
Erayo: Used for embalmment.
Player: white piece of cloth
Erayo: Ghostly tissue.
Player: blue piece of cloth
Erayo: Heard djinns use it for their turbans.
Player: task
Erayo: No tasks left. Good job.
Player: bye
Erayo: Watch your back, Player.

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