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Transcript of Frafnar

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Transcript of Frafnar

Player: hi / hello
Frafnar: Don't you see that I'm trying to write a poem? So what's the matter?
Player: beer
Frafnar: I don't drink any beer until Bolfona agrees to drink one with me....or two.
Player: beregar
Frafnar: The citadel under the mountain. How poetic! Maybe I could use that in my poem for Bolfona.
Player: Bolfona
Frafnar: She is sooooo beautiful, so feminine, so elegant. You'll find her in the tavern of Beregar.
Player: deeper mines
Frafnar: They have been closed for ages. We dug too deep and woke up some ancient evil.
Player: dwarf / dwarv
Frafnar: We may be small, but you better don't underestimate us.
Player: eastern wing
Frafnar: From there the deeper parts of the city can be reached. Too bad for you that only dwarfs may enter there.
Player: mine
Frafnar: It's a crystal mine. You know, long corridors, rails, ore wagons and....surprise...CRYSTALS.
Player: Grombur
Frafnar: He always stares on Bolfona. If he touches her ONE time, I promise I ..... Calm down Frafnar! Breathe deeply! Nothing happened.
Player: job
Frafnar: I guard the entrance to the western part of the mine.
Player: mission / quest
Frafnar: Are you in love, too? Just asking because I also tend to forget things just seconds after they have been told me.
Player: name
Frafnar: I'm Frafnar and I guard the entrance to the western part of the mine.
Player: Nokmir
Frafnar: Have you heard the news? He has stolen Rerun's ring.
Player: northern wing
Frafnar: The emperor and his staff live there.
Player: poem
Frafnar: I'm writing it for Bolfona. I'm rather a shy dwarf, you know.
Player: write
Frafnar: I'm writing it for Bolfona. I'm rather a shy dwarf, you know. Don't dare to go to her and tell her about my feelings, but maybe you could help me.
Player: bye
Frafnar: Yeye, I won't miss you!

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