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Transcript of Gewen

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Transcript of Gewen

Player: hi
Gewen: Greetings, traveller Mogh. Where do you want me to fly you? Or do you need a weekly ticket for the Kazordoon public lorry transport?
Player: fly / job / service
Gewen: I'm a carpet pilot. I can give you a passage to many places.
Player: darashia / darama / edron / zao / farmine / femor hills / issavi / svargrond
Gewen: Do you seek a ride to "City Name", for 50 gold?
Player: no
Gewen: You really should try flying the carpet some time.
Player: tibia
Gewen: What a wonderful world, especially when viewed from a flying carpet.
Player: ride / passage / trip / transport
Gewen: I can fly you to Darashia on Darama, to Svargrond on Hrodmir, to Zao near Farmine, to Edron, to the Femor Hills or to Issavi if you like. Where do you want to go?
Player: ticket
Gewen: Do you want to purchase a weekly ticket for the ore wagons? With it you can travel freely and swiftly through Kazordoon for one week. 250 gold only. OK?
Player: name
Gewen: Gewen, at your service.
Player: time
Gewen: It's 2:54 am right now.
Player: bye
Gewen: Good bye!

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