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Grizzly Adams

Transcript of Grizzly Adams

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Grizzly Adams

Transcript of Grizzly Adams

Player: Hi
Grizzly Adams: Welcome to the 'Paw and Fur - Hunting Elite' Haishen. Feel free to do tasks for us.
Player: Name
Grizzly Adams: My name is James Adams but people call me 'Grizzly' because of my pet. Ben must be somewhere around, that old bounder.
Player: Ben
Grizzly Adams: Have you seen him? He must be somewhere around here, but don't worry, he always comes back to me.
Player: Port Hope
Grizzly Adams: A fantastic place. The jungle, the creatures, the humidity. Wonderful.
Player: Thais/Carlin
Grizzly Adams: Ahhh, the main continent....rough and beautiful. The bears there are great....I got Ben from the main continent.
Player: Ankrahmun/Darama/Darashia
Grizzly Adams: The desert is well worth visiting. On the one hand, it is dry and dusty, but then you find areas full of lush, vivid vegetation.
Player: Venore
Grizzly Adams: Interesting region for hunting. The swamps are the home for many creatures, both strange and dangerous. Always worth an outing.
Player: Edron
Grizzly Adams: I lived in the mountains north of Edron for a few years until it became overrun with adventurers. I left to look for fresh pastures where the hunting was better and found this wonderful place here.
Player: Liberty bay
Grizzly Adams: Too many pirates around and the hunting isn't too good.
Player: Troll
Grizzly Adams: Some people hunt them. I myself don't. They are too much like humans in a way.
Player: Orc
Grizzly Adams: The 'Paw and Fur - Hunting Elite' doesn't support the killing of this noble kind. I lived amongst them for several years. They are nice chaps, nicer than most humans.
Player: Minotaur
Grizzly Adams: The 'Paw and Fur - Hunting Elite' doesn't support the killing of this kind. They are not animals even if they are furry!
Player: Dragon
Grizzly Adams: It's just a matter of skill and power when it comes to hunting regular dragons. If you prove yourself worthy, I might even entrust you to hunt Demodras, the mighty dragon lord.
Player: Demon
Grizzly Adams: Hoho, you must be a hell of a hunter if you want to go for demons.
Player: Knight
Grizzly Adams: Oh well, brute force is not the way I prefer to hunt - has no subtlety, you know - but each to their own.
Player: Boss
Grizzly Adams: Do tasks for our society to earn the right to kill a boss.
Player: Bug/Rat
Grizzly Adams: Not really a challenge for a hunter but everybody starts small, right?
Player: Butterfly
Grizzly Adams: Hahaha! That's funny, old chap! Never heard anyone talking about hunting butterflies before.
Player: Rotworm
Grizzly Adams: There are so many around in some dungeons that it's more like slaughtering than hunting. I'm looking for a challenge not a blood bath.
Player: War
Grizzly Adams: I've never fought in a war. I'm more the lonesome ranger type who hides from civilisation.
Player: Druid
Grizzly Adams: I've seen good hunters and bad hunters within this vocation, but mainly they are tree hugging animal loving environmentalists who need a good reason to justify hunting. No sportsmanship if you ask me.
Player: Sorcerer
Grizzly Adams: No offence but blasting an animal with a magic missile is a bit over the top. It's like stabbing a fly with a sword.
Player: Paladin
Grizzly Adams: If you ask me, this vocation has it's origin in hunting. They are born hunters.
Player: King
Grizzly Adams: I don't mind the king and he doesn't mind me. He and his decisions don't affect me out here in the jungle.
Player: Havoc
Grizzly Adams: It's a dangerous area. Many undead around but there are also many secrets to be discovered.
Player: Tibia
Grizzly Adams: It's a wonderful land we've got. Full of wonders and mysteries. Most of them huntable.
Player: Svargrond
Grizzly Adams: The animals there have adapted to the cold climate. Nice hunting location for mammoths, ice golems, and frost dragons.
Player: Frost dragon
Grizzly Adams: You've got to have some hunting experience if you want to go for them.
Player: Ice golems
Grizzly Adams: Strange creatures and not that easy to hunt.
Player: Mammoths
Grizzly Adams: Those furry elephants on the Ice Islands are a nice sport. I chose their appearance as logo for the hunting society. Did you see it on the banner?
Player: Mission/Quest
Grizzly Adams: Please ask me for a task if you want to work for our society.
Player: Promotion
Grizzly Adams: You already have the highest rank within our hunting society. You are one of our most ambitious hunters Haishen!
Player: Quara
Grizzly Adams: Very specialised skills are needed when it comes to a quara hunt. I'm more the land hunting type of guy, ya know?
Player: Serpent
Grizzly Adams: If you know a place where you can hunt them. I don't.
Player: Special
Grizzly Adams: You bested everything in terms of my special tasks. You're one marvel of a hunter, I give you that.
Player: Stone golem
Grizzly Adams: Hmmmm, stone golems you say? Interesting idea and challenging on top of it. Bad for wear and tear of weapons.
Player: Trade
Grizzly Adams: Alright, show me what you've got.
Player: Bye/Farewell
Grizzly Adams: Happy hunting, old chap!

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