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Transcript of Grombur

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Transcript of Grombur

Player: beer
Grombur: THAT is a problem....I tell you. My shift lasts for 48 hours and no one cares about my thirst. That's such a shame! The barrel over there is already empty and I still have 37 hours to go.
Player: beregar
Grombur: Congrats on finding it! We don't get many visitors here.
Player: disturb
Grombur: I AM GROMBUR GOLDTOOTH, GUARD OF THIS MINE HERE! No one is allowed to enter.
Player: dwarv/dwarf
Grombur: Down here! Yes, here. I'm a dwarf.
Player: enter/permission
Grombur: I already told you that you may enter, and now leave me with my cask........ahhhh.
Player: frafnar
Grombur: What a wimp! 'Bolfona here, Bolfona there!'.
Player: guard
Grombur: I love this job. No threat on this side of the door, and everyday I find someone stupid enough to bring me beer, hrhrhrhr.
Player: job
Grombur: I AM GROMBUR GOLDTOOTH, GUARD OF THIS MINE HERE! No one is allowed to enter.
Player: mine
Grombur: It's a crystal mine. Very rare crystals can be found here. We mine them and produce all kind of precious things out of them. Well, not me. I'm too clumsy for this kind of work so, they PROMOTED me to a guard! ...
Grombur: I'm a good guard, no one without permission is allowed to enter.
Player: mission/quest
Grombur: No more trouble for me, no more work for you. Leave me alone with my cask.
Player: name
Grombur: You haven't heard anything about me yet?! I aehhhhhhohoh........sorry....I AM GROMBUR GOLDTOOTH, GUARD OF THIS MINE HERE!...Impressive, huh?
Player: Nokmir
Grombur: He is guarding the entrance to the northern mine if you're looking for him.
Player: promot
Grombur: Every year the most honoured dwarf gets promoted. I for myself are not keen on being promoted. I prefer sitting here with my cask of beer.
Player: rehal
Grombur: I don't mind who sits on that throne as long as I have enough to drink.
Player: Rerun
Grombur: I'm sure he's still drunk after THAT amount of beer he drank yesterday.
Player: ring
Grombur: Oh well, I liked Nokmir. He used to be a good dwarf until that day on which he stole the ring from Rerun.

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