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Transcript of Grubokk

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Transcript of Grubokk

Player: hi
Grubokk: Huh! Talking food! Hello!
Player: job
Grubokk: Me guard goblin slaves. Good job! Free food! Hur hur!
Player: name
Grubokk: Grrrrrr! Me mighty Grubokk! You puny morsel!
Player: Grubokk
Grubokk: Name of great warrior hero! Ate eighty-eight goblins alive in twenty-two mouthfuls while fighting eleven Thunder Tusk ogres at same time! Belched hugely when won!
Player: goblins
Grubokk: Full of air from too much fan-ci-ful words. Worship puny, powerless frog. Tinker with tools without own strength. Not know true power. Not earthed like ogres. Deserve to be slaves!
Player: Thunder Tusk
Grubokk: Other tribe, stupid and mean, steal from us. We fight them always!
Player: ogre
Grubokk: Ogres strong! And our tribe strongest!
Player: tools / plier
Grubokk: Puny goblins tinker with fiddly tools, huh. Never get anywhere with their repairs! Pah! Ogre strong, use big pliers to cut through bone and hide!
Player: krailos
Grubokk: Land of ogres you see out there, hu-man!
Player: revolt
Grubokk: Been too quiet! You check on pesky goblins? Me reward you! Get tasty sauce!
Player: mission
Grubokk: Huh! Grubokk got all under control! Goblins quiet! But if not... tell me and Grubokk may have task for you! Harhar!
Player: task / quest
Grubokk: Arr harr! Pesky goblins up to no good? You wanna teach lesson? Me reward you!
Player: tibia
Grubokk: Ow! Don't screech, human! Cannot understand! Say again that you no help goblin!
Player: no help goblin
Grubokk: That will show uppity goblins! Will take away water. Then they not feel so thirsty for revolt, harr! ...
Grubokk: Three things to make them sorry. Cut off water supplies in mines first. Then poison wells in their wormy city tunnels. Then flood them out of mines with sea water! ...
Grubokk: Will be nicely marinated and seasoned when they wash up here! HAHAHAH!
Player: chief
Grubokk: Me want to be chieftain instead of chieftain!
Player: the great hunger
Grubokk: Yes, I always hungry! Chosen by Great Hunger! Hurhur! I made joke!
Player: water
Grubokk: Grubokk prefer beer.
Player: beer
Grubokk: Tribe make best beer! You see!
Player: tribe
Grubokk: Tribes always at war with others! Bash in enemy heads! Harharr!
Player: larek
Grubokk: Scrawny hu-man. Looks as crunchy as his cookies! Hurhur!
Player: ghorza
Grubokk: She tribe shaman. She powerful. She keep tribe safe from evil spirits!
Player: spirits
Grubokk: I not know. Is stuff for shaman.
Player: vuzrog
Grubokk: Hah, him chieftain now. Him defeated Grubokk's father who chieftain before! But I bide time! I eat well, grow stronger! Then I challenge! One day, I chieftain!
Player: mugruu
Grubokk: Ph, him whimpy ogre. Never made as heavy a hammer as Grubokk! Him do like puny hu-man Larek do and trade stuff. Hah, Grubokk never trade for any of Mugruu's stuff! Uh-uh!
Player: hammer
Grubokk: Me not give you my hammer! Is personal! You find own hammer! Puny hammers good enough for you! Take one from goblin workers. Me not care.
Player: salt
Grubokk: Tasty, but bigger amount give you belly ache! Poison water!
Player: sabotage
Grubokk: That not enough to keep goblins occupied. Need to damage more! Would do myself if I were puny like you, but no fit in wormy tunnels, pah!
Player: flood
Grubokk: Sea water flood tunnels? Hurhur! Grubokk eat marinated goblin tonight!
Player: tunnel
Grubokk: Unworthy of ogre! Sacrilege to gnaw through bones of earth! Punishable by death! But goblins find holy crystals now and then. Needed by ogre!
Player: bloody skull
Grubokk: Our tribe. Strongest tribe of strongest ogres! Will one day rule all Krailos!
Player: city
Grubokk: Pah! Goblin tunnel like worms. Somewhere hiding, but have to come out to find water, oh yes. Hur hur. Then I eat!
Player: key
Grubokk: Huh. Why you should need key? I not trust you, wriggly hu-man! If you not find it, not my problem.
Player: well
Grubokk: Dry. Salty earth. Ogre tough, can survive. But puny goblins shrivel. Very crispy crunchy snack, hur hur!
Player: land / steppe
Grubokk: Land of ogres you see out there, hu-man!
Player: lost
Grubokk: Lost? What you lost? I say GET LOST! Ahahahh!
Player: obsidian
Grubokk: Look like onyx to me. Anyway. Lazy goblins never dig up enough!
Player: onyx
Grubokk: Precious! Talisman against danger. Lazy goblins never dig up enough!
Player: bye
Grubokk: Hur!

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